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Seth Rogen doesn’t understand Christmas and will tell kids Santa Claus isn’t real

Seth Rogen doesn’t understand Christmas and will tell kids Santa Claus isn’t real

The Jewish actor and comedian said he considered classmates who believed in Santa to be 'dumb f***s'


Seth Rogen may have played Santa Claus, but that doesn't mean he has any reservations about telling kids he ain't real.

The actor and comedian voiced Saint Nick in the doomed Santa Inc. animated comedy series, released last year.

Promoting the show, the 40-year-old said Christmas baffled him as a child, since he grew up in a Jewish household and attended a Jewish elementary school.

During a Vulture Festival conversation in November last year, he told the crowd: "People love Christmas and I'm amazed by it.

"The first time I saw a Christmas tree, I was like, 'oh, they really do this s**t.'"

As a kid, he said he and his buddies considered children who believed in Santa to be 'dumb f***s', admitting he would take pleasure in telling them that the jolly fat man isn't real.

And it is a hobby he is happy to keep going, it seems.

"If you bring your young kid near me, I will tell them there's no Santa Claus," he said.

Indeed, he even suggested that he could provide a myth-busting service for parents 'once they're old enough and ready' for the truth.

Santa Inc. went on to absolutely bomb, and Rogen suggested that poor ratings could have been the work of 'tens of thousands of white supremacists'.

The series probably won't be on many screens this Christmas.

The show has a diabolical score of four percent on Rotten Tomatoes and 1.6 out of 10 on IMDb.

After the bad reviews began rolling in, Rogen took to Twitter to share his thoughts on why exactly the reaction had been so poor.

He wrote: "We really p****d off tens of thousands of white supremacists with our new show #SantaInc which is now available on HBOMAX! (Please read the responses to this tweet for confirmation)."

The rationale didn't go down well with everyone though, with one Twitter user replying: "It must be such a comforting notion for the Hollywood Elite to be able write off literally any response to the things they create that is slightly not to their worldview as 'White Supremacy' every single time."

Anyone looking for a public beef with Rogen is likely to be left disappointed though.

In a tweet, Rogen explained: "A lot of people come at me and talk s**t on Twitter hoping I'll engage with them publicly and give them attention, but instead I DM them and tell them to go f**k themselves privately.

"It's a lot more fun."

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