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PewDiePie is set to be overtaken as the second-most subscribed YouTuber
Featured Image Credit: pewdiepie/kidsdianashow/Instagram

PewDiePie is set to be overtaken as the second-most subscribed YouTuber

There's just one million subscribers between PewDiePie and his competition.

There was a time when PewDiePie once held the title of most-subscribed YouTuber.

In fact, the Swedish content creator, real name Felix Kjellberg, ruled YouTube for about ten years with his popular gaming reaction videos.

That was, until a YouTuber named MrBeast came along last year and blew Pewds out of the water.

That's all good, though - there's no shame in second place. But another up-and-coming channel is about to give him a run for his money - again.

PewDiePie looks like he's about to fall to number three.

Currently, MrBeast is standing in the top spot on YouTube with a whopping 141 million subscribers, thanks to his feel good philanthropy videos.

Behind him - by quite a bit - is PewDiePie with 111 million subscribers.

But following dangerously close behind with 110 million subscribers is a YouTube channel called Kids Diana Show.

If you've never heard of Kids Diana Show, it's probably because you're not the target audience.

If Cocomelon has taught us anything, it's that young kids are one of the biggest audiences on YouTube - and around 110 million of them LOVE Kids Diana Show.

The channel was created by the parents of eight-year-old Diana Kidisyuk.

Diana Kidisyuk is on her way to becoming the second-most subscribed YouTuber.
YouTube/Kids Diana Show

Diana's parents started posting to the channel in 2015 when she was just one year old.

Since then, the family have been posting non-stop, up to the point where they now have a mind-boggling 110 people watching.

In an interview with Insider last year, parents Volodymyr and Olena explained that they started making the videos as 'memories' for themselves, and to keep other family members up to date on their lives.

Conveniently, the creation of Kids Diana Show coincided with the creation of YouTube Kids, which was marketed as a safer and more controlled version of the video sharing platform, that had additional parental controls.

As a result, their channel grew rapidly in their first year, hitting their first million subscribers in 2016.

Diana's brother Roman also has his own YouTube channel, Kids Roma Show, but with 25.2 million subscribers today, it's not nearly as successful as Diana's.

YouTube/ Kids Diana Show

The family also have millions of subscribers on their spin-off channels, where their videos are dubbed into other languages.

Kids Diana Show's success comes as concern grows around YouTube channels that put minors at the forefront, often without their ability to acknowledge or consent the full scope of it.

In their interview, Volodymyr and Olena said that they had no plans to stop filming their kids and uploading the content online, as long as Diana and Roma enjoy it.

Though they did admit that, due to their increasing level of fame, it's getting a little tricky to give their children 'normal' lives.

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