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People are blown away by T-Pain’s singing voice without auto-tune

People are blown away by T-Pain’s singing voice without auto-tune

Many have questioned why he used the technology when he has a voice like that.

Do you remember T-Pain? Well, the American rapper has gone and left us stunned over the sounds that can come out of his mouth when it isn't run through a computer.

Ten or 15 years ago you couldn't turn on the radio without coming across the auto-tuned warblings of 'Buy U A Drank' and 'I Like Dat'.

And, while those song titles might be a crime against the English language, it turns out T-Pain - real name Faheem Rashad Najm - has a voice which could never be considered an assault to the ears.

The utter legend behind the Twitter account 'Wow, That’s R&B' took to social media to ask the world: "What Tiny Desk performance lives in your head rent free?"

This stunning cover was one of them.

Yep, T-Pain, covering his own song 'Buy U A Drank', dropped such a smooth (and far less auto-tuned) version of his original track that it has left us wanting much, much more.

The dreamy, stripped-down version came to us care of the Tiny Desk Concert series from NPR.

We honestly couldn't be more grateful.

One user hit back with a simple: "T-Pain broke the internet when his Tiny Desk dropped."

And break the internet he did. And also our tiny, feeble minds.

It seems we weren't the only ones that had their minds utterly blown.

One social media user said: "Because he decided to wait how many years to let the world know he could actually sing fine without autotune."

Another added: "This Tiny Desk concert forever changed the way I look at T-pain. Truly a talented dude."

A third chipped in with: "The difference is that T-Pain doesn’t need autotune, autotune needs T-Pain."

Others, it seemed, were drinking the T-Pain KoolAid the entire time.

So, um, share it around, guys?

Anyway, they lashed out at the haters that hated on our newfound King T-Pain, God of Music and Sound and All Things Good.


A second added: "I don’t think people understand how much of a high class artist T-Pain really is. They continued: "He undeniably impacted the landscape of art and culture and should be as if not more famous than Beyoncé."

Well, it seems like T-Pain has had a loyal fan base for quite some time. And, after this, a whole new fan base.

Consider us a bunch of converts.

Now he just needs to drop some new, non-auto tuned music so he can really blow this popsicle stand off of its hinges.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/NPR Music. YouTube/T-Pain

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