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More than 50,000 people sign petition to get Kanye West’s music removed from streaming services
Featured Image Credit: MediaPunch Inc / Alamy. Koshiro K / Alamy.

More than 50,000 people sign petition to get Kanye West’s music removed from streaming services

The petition comes after one of Ye’s most shocking interviews during his appearance on Alex Jones’ podcast.

More than 50,000 people have signed an online campaign to remove Kanye West from all streaming services.

A petition launched by Nathan Goergen calls on the likes of Spotify, Apple Music and others to remove the Donda rapper's catalogue over his recent anti-semitism remarks.

Nathan wrote: “Kanye West has recently made statements praising Hitler and denying the Holocaust, after over a month of making harmful antisemitic statements.”

Goergen added: “By doing this, I hope that we can limit Kanye’s influence on society by eliminating his ability to make money off of people streaming his music.

“His statements are virtually irredeemable, and the time has finally come for him to receive a major punishment.

"We cannot let him continue to influence our youth and our society as a whole. Please consider signing this petition.”

At the time of writing, over 54,000 people have signed.

The petition comes after one of Ye’s shocked the world with his most jaw-dropping interview.

While multiple companies have terminated Ye’s contract, his recent comments on Alex Jones' InfoWars programme seemingly put the nail in the coffin.

During an episode aired late last week, Jones claimed it was unfair for the rapper to be copping so much criticism from the media as he’s not ‘Hitler’ after all.

However, Ye didn’t seem to mind the comparison as he sees 'good things' about the leader of the Nazi party.


West said: "I love everyone, and Jewish people are not gonna tell me… ‘You can love us, and you can love what we’re doing to you with the contracts, and you can love what we’re pushing with the pornography.’

"But this guy that invented highways, invented the very microphone that I use as a musician—you can’t say out loud that this person ever did anything good, and I’m done with that.

"I’m done with the classifications, every human being has something of value that they brought to the table. Especially Hitler."

Even the right-wing conspiracist was left stunned by Ye’s remarks, who proceeded to say: “I like Hitler.”

The Guardian reported that shortly after the interview aired, the ‘Runaway’ rapper tweeted an image of a swastika blended with a Jewish Star of David.

The act led him to get booted off Twitter over ‘incitement to violence’.

UNILAD has reached out to Spotify and Apple Music for a comment.

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