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Wiz Khalifa says he's stopped drinking for good and replaced it with weed and shrooms

Wiz Khalifa says he's stopped drinking for good and replaced it with weed and shrooms

Wiz Khalifa gave a nod to his partial sobriety in his new mixtape, Khali Sober

Wiz Khalifa has opened up about ditching alcohol in favor of weed and mushrooms amid the release of his new mixtape.

Khalifa has gone what's known as 'California Sober', and he's reflected as much through his latest release, 'Khali Sober', which dropped earlier this month.

'California Sober' refers to being partially sober, meaning you drop certain substances while still being open to other, arguably 'less harmful' ones.

Khalifa chose to go cold turkey on alcohol a couple of months after releasing his track #NeverDrinkingAgain in December 2022.

In an appearance on the Cuhmunity podcast, the rapper explained that he's been 'trying to stop drinking for a long time now', and he finally made it happen eight months ago.

Rather than giving up on mind-altering substances altogether, though, Khalifa has chosen to continue taking weed and magic mushrooms.

Wiz Khalifa says he now just smokes weed and uses shrooms.

"I completely stopped [drinking] and I just do shrooms and smoke weed now," Khalifa said, adding: "It’s been going really good."

Magic mushrooms can make you feel giggly or excited, as well as causing hallucinations. They can also make you feel paranoid, and cause nausea or vomiting.

Khalif told the podcast hosts he'd been drinking 'on and off' before quitting for good, but his success came when he stopped drinking while recording his songs.

"That took out a lot of the time that I was drinking, but then there would still be performance time, or in the club, or family events, or whatever.

"So I was just like 'you know what? I'm gonna just quit drinking altogether'."

Khalifa was put to the test while on the road with Snoop Dogg for their 'High School Reunion Tour' over the summer, but while he 'smoked weed every day', he managed to do the whole tour 'sober' of alcohol.

Wiz Khalifa said he felt 'great' not drinking.

"It was my first tour sober. It was awesome, it was super cool, to me it was like I had a whole new take on things... It gave me a brand new way to do it," he said.

"Every night I felt great, I felt great waking up in the morning."

The rapper is still the owner of liquor brands such as Mcqueen And The Violet Fog, and he made clear that he 'still want[s] people to enjoy alcohol responsibly'.

However, he admitted it's 'just not [his] thing', despite having some 'legendary' times in the past.

"I think we went through hella phases, just being drunk as hell and having a good time, but luckily we made it out safe and it's over now," he said.

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