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Cameras caught what ‘proud’ Taylor Swift said to tearful Travis Kelce before he went to celebrate with teammates
Featured Image Credit: Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Cameras caught what ‘proud’ Taylor Swift said to tearful Travis Kelce before he went to celebrate with teammates

Taylor Swift embraced Travis Kelce on the field at the Baltimore stadium

Cameras at the most recent Kansas City Chiefs game captured what Taylor Swift said to Travis Kelce before he left to celebrate with his teammates.

Swift ran on to the field at the M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore on Sunday (28 January), after the Chiefs achieved a 17-10 win against the Ravens and secured the spot in the Super Bowl final.

The singer didn't hesitate to show her adoration for Kelce as she planted a huge kiss on his lips, with one Swiftie branding the romance as the 'best thing that ever happened to the NFL'.

Not everyone agrees with that opinion, but Swift obviously doesn't want to hide her love for her boyfriend and was seen gushing over him on the field after watching the game from the VIP suite.

After Swift left behind her friends and fellow attendees Cara Delevingne and Keleigh Teller, Kelce headed over to her on the field following the trophy ceremony to tell her that he was going to celebrate with his team in the locker room.

Swift embraced Kelce on the field.
X/@nfl/The CW

Footage of the singer's conversation with Kelce was shared by the NFL after the game, showing the Kansas City Chiefs tight-end saying, “Tay, I’m gonna enjoy with the guys," as he leaned in to kiss Swift.

“I love you,” Kelce continued. “So much it’s not funny.”

The cameras also caught Swift responding to Kelce, seemingly saying: “I’ve never been so proud of anyone. Ever.”

The encounter, combined with the Chief's success, left Kelce looking emotional as he walked away with a tear running down his face.

Swift was joined on the field after the game by Kelce's parents, Donna and Ed Kelce, as well as his brother, Jason Kelce.

Swift told Kelce she was 'proud' of him.
Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The singer told Kelce she had 'never seen anything like that in [her] life' as they celebrated the win together, with Kelce jumping on to the stage and shouting the lyrics to the Beastie Boys' song: "You've got to fight for your right to party!"

The football player's team is now looking ahead to the Super Bowl, where they will face the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas.

The Chiefs previously beat the same team in 2020, and last year took a victory at the Super Bowl as they went head-to-head with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The highly-anticipated final will take place on 11 February, though Swift's attendance is yet to be confirmed as she's set to perform on stage in Tokyo just one day earlier.

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