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TikToker tries to prank rappers by calling them ‘boy’ and it does not go well

Stewart Perrie

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TikToker tries to prank rappers by calling them ‘boy’ and it does not go well

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/DoleyShow

A man has tried to prank two rappers and it did not go down well.

The bloke with a TikTok account called DoleyShow posts loads of videos showing him doing stunts on unsuspecting people.

One prank that he seems to enjoy doing is going up to Black people in public and calling them 'boy'.


WNYC Studios says when a white person uses the word 'boy' when referring to a Black counterpart, it can take on a 'much different meaning'.

Doley knows this could spark some anger and that's why he tries to see if he can provoke people in the street.

Unsurprisingly, rapper T.I. and Trae Tha Truth didn't take kindly to the stunt.


Dressed in blue overalls, red t-shirt and a hat, the TikToker approached the two artists in a car park and asked them what they were doing there, while throwing in the divisive 'boy' at the end.

Trae replied: "Boy?...I ain't nobody's boy."

One of the people with the rappers launched at Doley and put his hand around his neck.

The TikToker immediately came clean and said it was a prank, however he was told off for the stupid behavior.


Trae said: "I don't know what you're trying to do...we got positive vibes. Look, if this is how you're trying to go viral bro that s**t is how you're going to get your a** hurt.

"I ain't nobody's boy, man. Go about your business...this ain't the way to go about it."

T.I. eventually jumped in and wished the content creator well and said: "Peace be unto you."


While he managed to escape unharmed, people in the comments section thought it was a very dumb prank to pull.

One said: "That dude is going to get hurt doing that. I’m praying for him because he may like saying boy but acting like it’s a prank."

Another added: "Not Bob the builder. You need to be careful, bro one day may cost your life."

A third wrote: "At least they being honest with you, so you should start doing something else."


Others called out the video for being fake and suggested that T.I., Trae and the two others would have seen them coming from a mile off and watched them start filming.

Who knows whether the whole thing was staged or if it was real.

Either way, let this be a lesson to be careful about the language you use.

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Stewart Perrie
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