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Incredibly awkward moment Stevie Wonder tries handing mic to Mariah Carey and it doesn’t go to plan
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Jzon Azari

Incredibly awkward moment Stevie Wonder tries handing mic to Mariah Carey and it doesn’t go to plan

The pair were together on stage at The Recording Academy Honours

When it comes to live TV and events, there can be some seriously awkward moments.

And viewers were left feeling mega awks after watching one clip of Mariah Carey accepting an award from Stevie Wonder at The Recording Academy Honours earlier this week.

At the pre-Grammys event, 73-year-old Stevie took to the stage to honor Mariah, 54, first by serenading her before presenting her with the Global Impact Award.

Mariah and Stevie at The Recording Academy Honours.

“Every time we meet and talk, it’s like having a brand new day,” said Stevie.

“I thank you for your friendship, your heart and the consistent spirit of love that you show. I’m here because I do love you, forever, and I just want to say this to you.”

But when Mariah took to the stage to accept the award, a very awkward encounter ensued.

You can watch the moment below:

As Mariah arrives on stage, the pair can be seen embracing, before Stevie moves towards the mic to hand it to the singer.

But Mariah, not realising, moves past Stevie towards a different floor mic, and proceeds to deliver her acceptance speech.

Meanwhile, Stevie - who is blind let us not forget - was left holding out the mic in the middle of the stage, not realising that Mariah was now elsewhere.

People found it super awkward, with one writing on social media: "Stevie Wonder trying to give Mariah Carey the mic and she just leaves him hanging."


And a third added: "Stevie Wonder left hanging while trying to hold the mic for Mariah Carey."

While a fourth commented: "I don't like this. Someone should've told her to get that mic."

While some people were fuming with Mariah over what happened, it's worth noting that she probably had no idea, and didn't intentionally ignore Stevie.

People felt super awkward over the video.

Especially considering she had some beautiful words to say about the legend in her acceptance speech.

"I can't even remark about what just happened, does anyone realise this is Stevie Wonder?" She said.

"It's not that I've never seen him before, it's not that I've never been to his concerts before, it's not that I've never spoken to him before... That just happened.

"Thank you Stevie Wonder. I will never not get excited to be in the company of your greatness."

She then joked: "Is this a real Grammy? I haven't seen one in so long," before looking at her trophy and adding: “It’s weird. I don’t know. We’ll figure out what this is later.”

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