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Mariah Carey seemingly thinks electricity is ‘free’ in America in baffling video
Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

Mariah Carey seemingly thinks electricity is ‘free’ in America in baffling video

The pop diva seemed clueless about the concept

Mariah Carey may be electric when it comes to performing, but it appears that the pop diva isn't too knowledgeable on paying for her electricity.

It's not like Carey spends all that much time fretting about her utility bills, with her holiday staple 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' making the 54-year-old approximately $2.5 million each year in royalties.

Nevertheless, you would expect Carey to have a basic idea about how energy bills work - but you would be mistaken.

While being interviewed on a 2009 Channel 4 show, Carey was asked about what her to-do list looks like.

Acknowledging that hers may look different to his, the interviewer notes: "Mine is usually 'Buy eggs'...'Pay bill'."

This catches Carey off guard, as she asks: "Bill..Bill who?"

The interviewer replies: " a bill. Like electricity."

Mariah Carey baffled her fans with the bizarre statement.
Channel 4

Still, the 'We Belong Together' singer doesn't appear to be catching on: "Oh, you have to pay for that?"

"Yeah, I don't get it for free!" the interviewer responds indignantly.

Carey replies: "In America we get it for free."

When the interviewer insists this isn't the case, Carey insists again.

Finally, the presenter asserts: "You do, maybe you just don't feel like the money's coming out of your account."

Fans were left dumbstruck by the exchange and debated the clip in the comments.

Many believed that Carey was trolling and that she did understand the concept of paying for electricity.

One wrote: "Mariah grew up in New York with a single mom she knows about bills that just not her life anymore," while another commented: "She is clearly joking."

However, not everybody found it so amusing.

Mariah Carey claimed that electricity was free in America.
Channel 4

One critic remarked: "Rich people, I swear to God," while another fumed: "Ohh so quirky, worshipped celeb disconnected from us povvos, much to appreciate and look up to."

Other viewers merely sat back and enjoyed the show that Carey was putting on.

One such viewer wrote: "Convinced Mariah is an agent of chaos and she knows it, loves it, and is laughing allllll the way home."

Many asserted that they would act like the pop diva if they hit it big time and didn't have to worry about day-to-day expenses.

Regardless of whether or not she understands the concepts of electricity bills, Carey is in no position to be fretting over whether they get paid or not.

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