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Woman who got 'world's ugliest tattoo' says she tries not to cry when looking at it
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@marieaarm

Woman who got 'world's ugliest tattoo' says she tries not to cry when looking at it

A woman was left frustrated and stunned after a simple tattoo went terribly wrong.

A woman was left with what she considers the 'ugliest tattoo in the world' despite it being small and simple.

Getting a tattoo can be a massive deal for some people and to others, a tattoo is just a fun addition to a canvas of body art.

However, one Florida woman is likely regretting her choice on getting this one tattoo.

TikToker Marie Armstrong, known as Marieaarm on the platform, says she now has to hold back tears when she sees the tattoo everyday.

Yikes. In a video viewed over 114,000 times, Armstrong went into detail about what made her frustrated about it.

Thankfully for her, the tattoo is a small one rather than taking up a shoulder or sleeve, but I'd wager it is still annoying seeing it all the time.

What Armstrong's faded banana tattoo looked like.

The tattoo is on her index finger and is supposed to be a half-peeled banana.

Initially she got the tattoo done and everything was fine and dandy. The additional art complimented the other small tattoos she has on her fingers and hands.

But while it did look good after it was just done, the banana went on to fade so Armstrong opted to get it re-done. Something she has done before with her other finger tattoos.

“You could not tell what it was. I didn’t even count it as a tattoo,” Armstrong said of the faded tattoo.

“So when my boyfriend told me he had a tattoo appointment and that he was getting a tattoo done by this artist who’s really good,” she continued, “I was like, I’ll go with you and I’ll get my banana re-done.”

“I show him a picture of right when I got the banana done the first time, and he goes ahead and starts free-handing, like, adding on the rest of the banana to what he can already see and sketching it,” she explained.

“I didn’t really expect him to print [a] stencil because, like, you’d have to size it perfectly,” Armstrong went on. “So I’m like freehand, fine. You’re an artist, like, this is what you do, you know what you’re doing.”

Armstrong's initial tattoo, and what the artist did after she wanted a touch up after it faded.

Then came the moment of truth, and I can’t lie, when I saw the finished redone banana i burst out laughing. I’m not quite sure how to describe it, but it doesn’t exactly look like the fruit.

“I look at it, and I am trying to not cry. Like, I know that these are stupid, silly, little, goofy tattoos and maybe to you, like, it doesn’t matter how the f–k they look, but I actually care,” Armstrong said of the finished product.

Now Armstrong hopes that it fades like it had previously done but in the meantime her social media followers will likely rip into her for having an almost-banana on her finger.

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