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The Rock crashes celebrity house bus tour leaving fans starstruck

The Rock crashes celebrity house bus tour leaving fans starstruck

The wrestler and actor surprised a group of fans

When you're a celebrity, it's worth remembering that even a brief encounter could end up making a fan's day and create a treasured memory.

While some big names have gained reputations for being unapproachable, others delight in bringing a smile to people's faces when they're out and about.

One of the good guys is Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, take a look for yourself:

The Rock posted a wholesome video to Instagram of him surprising people doing a tour of Hollywood.

Buses often go around the houses of famous people to give a glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous.

The former WWE star pulled up on a bus with the window wound down and asked: “Hey, you guys know where I can find The Rock?”, prompting gasps of delight from the tourists on the bus as he fist bumped them.

The Rock surprised the tour bus.
Instagram / The Rock

The star went on to ask if the tour had been to his house, and when one tourist said 'not yet', he joked: “Alright good, keep it that way,” prompting laughter.

He captioned his post: “Hey I just wanna see the Rock. If you Hollywood visitors ever see a big ol’ pick up truck rolling up on your tour bus – don’t be afraid, it’s just the People’s Champ lookin’ for free tacos and having fun.

“Enjoy my hood and stay away from my house.”

He added: “This kinda stuff is always the best part of fame ~ lots of happy faces.

“I’m like a big kid, I get so much joy outta these ‘holy s***’ moments and seeing my people’s faces."

Fans in the comments were delighted, with one saying: "It was so cool meeting you!!! thanks for saying hello!!!! you made our trip."

Another wrote: "This guy is so humble! That’s why we love him!"

Fans were delighted by the interaction.
Instagram / The Rock

A third said: "Love this. Nice people rule."

The Rock is not the only celeb to take the time to make a fan's day when they meet them.

John Wick star Keanu Reeves was spotted on a flight from London to New York, and a young fan started to grill him with quick fire questions at the baggage reclaim, asking if he drove F1 and why he was in New York.

And then when the child ran out of questions, Reeves started asking him questions right back about his trip to Paris.

It just goes to show a little kindness can go a long way!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@therock

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