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Drake 'breaks rap record' for most money made in a single performance
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Drake 'breaks rap record' for most money made in a single performance

Drake has been travelling the US for his 'It's All A Blur Tour' or shall we say 'It's All A Bra Tour'.

While Drake has been busy showing off his bra collection on-stage, he's quietly gone and broke the record for most money made in a single performance.

The 'God's Plan' rapper has been travelling the US for his 'It's All A Blur Tour' or shall we say 'It's All A Bra Tour' as fans around the country are throwing their bras on-stage and Drake has made it somewhat of a competition.

One woman in particular was contacted by Playboy after throwing her size 36G bra at Drake during his New York Gig.

21-year-old Veronica Correia has become a viral sensation after launching her bra on stage last month (23 July), where Drake picked it up and declared: "Locate this woman immediately."

The '6 God' - who remains Spotify's most streamed artist of all time - reportedly made $5 million in revenue from just a single arena concert, the first time in US history.

As reported by Touring Data, the Capital One Arena concerts each banked an average of $5.032 million in ticket sales, which amounts to a combined $10.064 million across the two nights.

Even though Kendrick Lamar's Big Steppers Tour currently holds the top spot for the highest-grossing Hip Hop tour of all time, it seems that Drake could be on course to eclipse the California rapper.

As for the viral bra-thrower, Correia revealed she'd got a message from Playboy's recruitment team which invited her to apply to become a model for the company.

Deciding to take them up on it, she explained to TMZ exactly how far she's got in the recruiting process.

Veronica has signed up to Playboy.

"Playboy had actually reached out to me on my Instagram DMs and said, 'you know if you want to apply, we'll accept you right away'," Correia said.

"So yeah I did, I applied and they did accept me," she continued.

The 21-year-old explained that Playboy are now looking to 'speak with [her] very soon'.

She added: "So maybe later today I'll speak with them."

Correia recently appeared on an episode of the Club Ambition Podcast, and the host confirmed that Drake's team has been collecting all of the bras.

The host asked: “He has the bra, right? They didn’t give it back at the end?”

And she revealed: “I didn’t get it back no, what I’ve seen from TikTok is they’re collecting them.

"So, I never got it back.”

Well, as Drake continues to keep hold of the bra, he also continues to keep raising the bra in the rap game by reportedly making the most money ever in a single performance.

Drake continues to break records.

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