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Drake gifts lucky fan Birkin bag worth $30K at LA concert
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ @‌designer.ave

Drake gifts lucky fan Birkin bag worth $30K at LA concert

The 'One Dance' rapper surprised a concert-goer with a new handbag worth thousands.

Christmas came early for one Drake fan at a recent concert after the rapper gifted a Hermes Birkin bag, which is worth thousands.

Being a dedicated fan of the ‘Meltdown’ rapper, 36, seemingly has its benefits as he chose a lucky fan in the front row to be the new owner of a pink Hermes Birkin bag which sells for around $35,000 on resale websites.

During the show on August 16 at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, the father-of-one walked around the stage with the luxe bag and told the thousands of concert-goers in attendance ‘Drake ain’t cheap’ as he chose a fan in the crowd.

Drake’s incredible gift-giving was filmed and shared on TikTok by @designer.ave, where Drake can be seen standing in front of a fans reaching out for the bag.

Drake gave a lucky fan a designer Birkin bag.
TikTok/ @‌designer.ave

The generous musician said: “Make sure she has security on the way out.”

The bag might be from Drake’s collection of Hermes bags, since he previously revealed he’s been collecting them for years.

In a 2017 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the chart-topping rapper said he had been stocking up on Hermes Birkin bags for ‘the woman I end up with.’

Although it’s unlikely that Drake’s future lover is the woman who, as of Wednesday, now owns a stunning designer handbag, stranger things have happened at Drake concerts.

Just last month, a woman signed a deal with Playboy after throwing her 36G bra at Drake.

Veronica Correia may not have scored a date with Drake, but she might have landed herself a different career.

The TikToker went to see Drake at Madison Square Gardens on Sunday (23 July) when she decided to whip off her bra and chuck it on stage.

Little did Correia know it wouldn't just catch the 'Sticky’ singer’s attention, but the likes of Playboy magazine too.

Drake stopped his performance to ask fans to locate the woman who threw a 36G bra onstage.

After the bra-toss went viral, Correia revealed she'd got a message from Playboy's recruitment team who invited her to apply to become a model for the company.

Intrigued, Correia decided to take them up on it, and in an update with TMZ, she explained exactly how far she's got in the recruiting process.

"Playboy had actually reached out to me on my Instagram DMs and said, 'you know if you want to apply, we'll accept you right away'," Correia said.

Who knew that attending a Drake concert could be so lucrative.

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