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Inside Chris Evans and Alba Baptista's incredibly secretive wedding which had several strict rules
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@chrisevans

Inside Chris Evans and Alba Baptista's incredibly secretive wedding which had several strict rules

They had rules to ensure that their nuptials would remain private

Many people have preferences or rules for guests at their wedding party.

Whether it's a dress code, gifts or no gifts, or more controversial rules such as a child-free wedding, rules can be a part of making sure the big day goes smoothly for the newlyweds.

But when you factor in a whole bunch of Hollywood a-listers in attendance at the party then suddenly a whole host of additional factors have to be taken into consideration.

Avengers star Chris Evans and Alba Baptista took things to an extreme to make sure that their wedding party remained private, which is somewhat less of a consideration if you and your guests are not movie stars.

Guests at the wedding included fellow Marvel alumni Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, and Jeremy Renner. It has also been reported that John Krasinki and Emily Blunt also put in appearances at the wedding.

While information around the private ceremony is not confirmed, there are a few things which are aware of.

Firstly, Evans and Baptista married at their home near Boston in what has been described as an 'intimate ceremony', Page Six has reported.

Chris Evans has historically been secretive about his personal life.
Tristar Media/WireImage

Presumably 'intimate' means that the guest list at the wedding was short.

It's also been reported that guests at the wedding had to actually put pen to paper for the ceremony to make sure they didn't leak any details - guests reportedly had to sign non-disclosure agreements before arriving at the party.

Finally, phones were absolutely not allowed at the party either.

In fairness, if you're trying to preserve privacy then it only takes one Instagram post and suddenly the cat is out of the bag.

Evans and Baptista have historically been extremely will-drilled in keeping their personal lives and relationship together private, being very cautious in announcing their relationship.

Alba Baptista and Evans married in a private ceremony.
Marc Piasecki/WireImage

Rumors began circulating that the pair were dating back in 2021. Fans spotted that she was following him on Instagram, as well as a number of his family members.

To make things even clearer, Evans later posted pictures of Halloween pumpkins which some fans saw had also appeared on the Facebook page for Baptista's mum.

In January 2023, the pair first went public with their relationship by announcing it on Instagram, with Evans posting a number of videos of the pair together to his page.

Then in May, rumors started that the pair had gotten engaged, and it certainly seems that the rumors were true!

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