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Cardi B chucked a microphone at a DJ less than 24 hours before hurling one at a fan

Cardi B chucked a microphone at a DJ less than 24 hours before hurling one at a fan

It seems the rapper is no stranger to hurling things across the stage

Over recent months, we’ve heard plenty of stories of things being thrown onto stages to artists by fans.

From Drake and his collection of bras, to Bebe Rexha having to get stitches, and of course, Pink holding someone’s ashes... it’s been wild, to say the least.

But what’s probably more wild, is artists throwing things themselves. Like the one and only Cardi B.

During a recent show in Las Vegas, the rapper’s performance of ‘Bodak Yellow’ was interrupted when an audience member seemed to decide to throw their drink at the star.

And she obviously wasn’t happy. Like, at all.

Cardi B quickly lobbed her microphone at the person responsible, leaving fans and the MC in pure shock and concern over what they’d just witnessed.

But that wasn’t the latest incident of powerful throwing from the ‘WAP’ rapper either as it turns out only 24 hours before, she’d thrown her microphone at the DJ as well.

Singing barefoot on-stage at a beach club in Vegas, the rapper was furious when they allegedly cut off her song to song.

The 30-year-old can be seen in a TikTok video performing her hit ‘I Like It’ with a mega confetti celebration to close her set.

But she then appears to shout her name and then turn and absolutely hurl her microphone towards the back of the stage, where the DJ was.

With little context in the clip, fans were confused as to where her rage even came from, commenting: “What happened??”

The video poster explained: “DJ cut the track short on multiple songs! She was livid (as you can see),” accompanied by a crying-laughing emoji.

Social media have obviously gone crazy for Cardi B’s string of viral microphone throwing cases, writing on Twitter: “Cardi B threw 2 mic in the last 24 hours and trending asf.”

Cardi B hurled the mic.

Others joked the rapper should’ve been a ‘quarterback’.

Many on TikTok blamed the DJ, saying they ‘f**ked up’ and ‘sucked a**’.

And others put: “It’s so annoying when DJs randomly turn down the volume… why do they think that’s cool?”

However, some came out to say: “It’s not OK to physically abuse employees for a mistake.”

And just 24 hours later when she threw the microphone at the audience member, users said: “Ion get why people waste money for a concert just to do some stupid f**king s**t to just end up getting kicked out”.

And with so many celebrities, including Adele, coming forward to let fans know that throwing items on stage isn’t cool, it’s a wonder why these altercations are even still happening.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kfen777

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