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People are praising Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's behavior after man spots them at his Dune 2 cinema screening
Featured Image Credit: X/@GehrigRyan

People are praising Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's behavior after man spots them at his Dune 2 cinema screening

The couple were spotted at a screening of Dune: Part Two

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were spotted at a screening of Dune: Part Two and many social media users are all saying the same thing.

It must be hard to be some of the most-recognized Hollywood celebrities out there, unable to even go to the cinema without getting spotted. However, Lopez and Affleck managed to keep such a low profile a cinema-goer didn't even realize they were in the same screening in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, until after the Dune sequel had finished.

And the couple's actions after the movie ended have been commended by viewers.

When Affleck isn't being spotted out and about with the Maid in Manhattan star or having his love letters to her shown about, he's often seen with fellow actor and best friend Matt Damon.

The pair have known each other since they were kids, growing up in the same area and remaining close ever since.

As well as sharing money with one another to help support their acting journey, the pair also worked in the same cinema - the Janus movie theater in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

In an interview with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show back in 2013, Damon explained the pair wore 'the black pants, the maroon vest, the white shirt and the black bow tie', giving out tickets, providing the popcorn and cleaning the bathrooms too.

And so it's only fitting Affleck was spotted at a screening of Dune: Part 2 being an exemplar cinema-goer.

The pair were spotted at a screening of Dune: Part 2.

Taking to X, a user named partyOne - who goes by @GehrigRyan on the platform - shared a video post-watch which shows a couple which certainly looks like Affleck and Lopez getting up from their seats and picking up their popcorn containers and drinks.

The user captioned the video: "Dune 2 was AMAZING. Post credits scene was realizing JLo & Ben Affleck were sitting right in front of us lol."

And it hasn't taken long for other social media users to comment on the pair's behavior in the footage.

They've been praised for tidying up after themselves.

Re-sharing the clip, one user wrote: "My take away is that I respect for taking their trash with them."

"Respect for taking their things and cleaning the sofa," another user added.

A third commented: "I am reminded that Ben and Matt once worked at Harvard Square Theatre and Casey was at the Janus Theatre so I should really have expected nothing less."

A fourth said: "As a former movie theater employee who cleaned up dip-cups after the Luke Perry bull riding movie '8 Seconds'… RESPECT."

However, a final noted: "I love seeing celebs being praised for doing respectful things that should be normal."

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