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Adele reveals she has quit drinking after admitting she was 'borderline alcoholic'

Adele reveals she has quit drinking after admitting she was 'borderline alcoholic'

Adele has been off the booze for over three months

Adele has opened up about her decision to ditch the booze.

The 35-year-old songstress is known for enjoying a tipple or two, and even has a track named 'I Drink Wine'.

But Adele's decided to have health kick and opted to quit the drink in the process.

She discussed the matter with the crowd at one of her Las Vegas gigs as she chatted to a member of the audience who was enjoying 'a pint of whiskey sour'.

"Cheers to that," the London-born singer said in a video shared online.

"When did I stop drinking?" Adele proceeded to think out loud.

"It feels like forever. Urm, maybe like three and a half months ago."

The 'Rolling In The Deep' hitmaker went on to label sober life as 'boring', but admitted that she was a 'borderline alcoholic' in her 20s.

"I miss it so much," she added.

In another video shared to TikTok, Adele shared that she's also quit caffeine and McDonald's.

Adele hasn't drank alcohol for over three months.
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for AD

"Drink your white wine honey, I don't drink anymore," she said to someone at the show.

"I've been clean for so long."

Adele went on: "I haven't had coffee, I haven't had alcohol, I haven't had McDonald's for ages as well."

Explaining why she's decided to ditch these things, the mum-of-one said that - because she's now 35 - she wants to 'cleanse everything'.

Noting that it's 'very f**king boring', Adele joked that she doesn't recommend it to anyone else.

"I have no vices, it's bullsh*t," she further quipped.

But it's not the booze that people are surprised that she's ditched - but coffee.

"I can give up many things but … coffee ? NEVER," wrote one person on TikTok.

"No coffee? No way," added another.

A third went on: "I’ll give up alcohol ten times over before I give up coffee."

Meanwhile, someone else went on to say that her new healthier lifestyle 'sound horrendous'.

The singer admitted that sobriety is 'f**king boring'.

Adele often interacts with her fans during her ongoing residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, but was criticised back in August for stopping security from dealing with an avid fan who kept standing up during her performance.

People kept telling the guy to sit down, but Adele urged security to 'leave him alone'.

But people online empathised with those sat behind the man whose views were being obstructed.

"I mean- if he’s standing in front of me waving a selfie stick around I would be annoyed as well. I don’t care as much about the standing. It might be Adele’s show. But it’s not her venue," one person wrote.

"Honestly, Adele you're all the way up there and have no idea how annoying he might be to others lol," added another.

Adele's months-long residency is expected to draw to a close on November 4.

Featured Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images/Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Adele

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