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Etiquette Expert Claims We Have All Been Making Our Coffee Wrong

Etiquette Expert Claims We Have All Been Making Our Coffee Wrong

A TikTok etiquette expert is here to explain how to properly stir and hold your coffee.

You probably drink your coffee like everyone else, but an etiquette expert is here to tell you why you're doing it wrong, apparently.

There are some rules of etiquette that are totally understandable: you wouldn't down a glass of Coke and belch at the dinner table; and chewing with your mouth closed whenever possible makes sense.

However, there are some which are totally maddening, for example: passing food items to the right; spooning your soup to the opposite side of the bowl, not towards you; not having your elbows on the table — seriously, what is that all about?

The codes of the elite beggar belief — alas, here I am, informing you of an etiquette expert's advice on the proper way to drink coffee, according to TikTok creator @apwasiwine.

First up: how to properly stir your coffee. For me, I put two teaspoons of my non-specific instant coffee into my mug, two teaspoons of sugar, pour the hot water in, and stir anti-clockwise. I'm not saying this is the right way, I'm not even saying this is the wrong way — it's just how I stir my coffee.

It seems I'm doing it wrong, unfortunately. In one TikTok, the etiquette expert concedes that many people stir their sugar either clockwise or anti-clockwise, and even notes that it looks and sounds practical. 'But that's not how you would do it... after pouring in the sugar, stir forward and backward, and then lightly tap your spoon on the cup, placing it down on the saucer, and enjoy your coffee,' he claims.

Which is the proper way to hold your handle? (Pexels)
Which is the proper way to hold your handle? (Pexels)

In another video, he explains the proper way to hold a coffee cup. 'When you're holding a coffee cup, it is permitted to actually put your finger through the hole of that cup and then place your thumb on top, so that if you were to turn it, you would not see the white of the handle,' he says.

His videos are incredibly popular on TikTok, and despite some's disdain for the concept of etiquette, he isn't forcing it on anyone — he's just informing people of the rules. 'Bruh, why do y'all hate this man, he's just teaching etiquette, he's not forcing you,' one user wrote.

'Love this! Can’t understand the people hating. If people don’t want to learn ETIQUETTE, why are they here,' another commented. 'I love your videos!! Please continue!! Thank you sir!!! Disregard the nonsense from others!!' a third wrote.

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Featured Image Credit: @apwasiwine/TikTok

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