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Lizzo hits back at Candace Owens' fatphobic comments about her

Lizzo hits back at Candace Owens' fatphobic comments about her

The singer's body positive video comes after 'trainer and personal coach' Gina Bontempo's fat phobic comments.

Lizzo has hit back at Candace Owens' fatphobic comments about her in a new body-positive video.

The 'Truth Hurts' singer took to her Instagram with her glowing skin and glamorous bed hair to remind us all that she is in a league of her own.

The singer, who was wearing nothing but a grey robe, captioned the video: "I’m sorry that my perfect face and rockin body offends you… I can’t help that I’m God’s favorite."

You can hear what she had to say below:

Lizzo's video comes after a personal trainer fat-shamed the singer, explaining that many celebrities now are trying to promote obesity as 'healthy'.

"Obesity is on the rise, and yet women are told by celebrities and the media that being obese is normal and 'healthy'. You never see them try this with men. Only women are insecure enough to fall for it," 'trainer and health coach' Gina Bontempo shared alongside a nude image of Lizzo sipping tea.

Conservative poster child Candace Owens also entered the chat.

"Only women could be fooled into supporting a death cult of 'fat acceptance'. Today’s cultural battles prove that women are more irrational and emotional than men," Owens said.

However, many quickly rushed to the singer's defense.

One person said: "Since you think women are so irrational and emotional, they shouldn't be taken seriously as authors or business owners. So, maybe get back to cooking and let your rational husband do the work you're trying to do. "

While another commented: "Not my physical preference, but I totally admire Lizzo's self-confidence and musical talent. So many lack that.

"Hey @RealCandaceO. I work with a bunch of women leaders here at NASA that prove that your theory is straight trash."

And now, Lizzo herself has hit back against the hurtful comments.

Roberto Finizio/NurPhoto/Alamy

In a short clip, she said: "I just finished showering and doing my little routine, and you know what I realised? I am f**king gorgeous.

"I am the beauty standard. Catch up b**ch."

Many praised the singer's body-positive message, as one fan wrote: "Lizzo!! I love you!! I’m a plus-size woman, and you’ve made me embrace my beautiful curves. Thanks for representing the big girls. Thanks for also putting big girls in your shows, videos, as backup dancers.. etc. we need to see it to believe we can do it sometimes, so thanks for not being afraid to be you!"

Another said: "LET THE PEOPLE KNOWWW!!!!!!"

While a third commented: "I needed this today."

Ah, Candace, please have several seats.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Lizzo

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