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Larsa Pippen had sex four times a night when she was married

Larsa Pippen had sex four times a night when she was married

The reality TV star said she was having sex four times a night every night with former husband Scottie Pippen

Reality TV star Larsa Pippen has said she had sex four time a night, every night, with former husband Scottie Pippen during their more than two decades of marriage.

The Real Housewives of Miami star married the former NBA player Scottie Pippen in 1997.

The couple, who have four children together, amicably divorced in 2021 after splitting up in 2016 and attempting to reconcile before beginning the process or separating in 2018.

Larsa recently lifted the lid on what their sex life had been like, claiming that she and Scottie had sex 'four times a night' while suggesting that some married couples having sex three times a week was 'nothing' to her.

In the Real Housewives of Miami reunion trailer, she said: "I was weird for 23 years, I've always had sex like four times a night. So three times a week is nothing."

Larsa Pippen said she had sex with ex husband Scottie 'four times a night'.

This caused everyone else to question what she was saying and start doing a bit of mental arithmetic, with everybody talking over each other as they struggled to digest this new information.

Someone else tried to row back her comments for her 'she's not saying every night, she's saying that she could do', before Larsa clarified the point with some extra emphasis for the people who weren't understanding.

"I had sex four times a night, every night. I never had a day off for 23 years," she said.

Despite some other guests on the show trying to commiserate with her and even uttering the words 'your poor vagina' to Larsa, the reality star continued to talk about the sex life she had with her former husband.

When she made the claim someone said 'your poor vagina'.

It was worked out that Larsa must have been having sex 28 times a week, every week, for 23 years as she explained that she and ex husband Scottie were rarely apart.

She said they 'never spent time away from each other' and mentioned that they had 'a private plane' which she would travel around with him in.

Larsa was then told that new boyfriend Marcus Jordan, son of basketball legend Michael Jordan, had 'big shoes to fill' in the relationship.

The TV personality quipped back that Marcus 'wears the size 15 shoes, I think he's ok' which was met with a simple 'oh s**t', you know, because of the implication that of course a man with very large feet wouldn't have much of a problem filling large shoes and definitely nothing else to read into there.

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