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Kanye West appears to gatecrash wedding ceremony of confused couple

Kanye West appears to gatecrash wedding ceremony of confused couple

American rapper Kanye West appears to have some-what gatecrashed an unbeknown couple's wedding in Italy, leaving the bride and groom stunned

Following his well-publicized antics in Italy, a TikToker claims Kanye West has gatecrashed a random couple's wedding - turning up barefoot too.

The 'All Of The Lights' rapper has recently been spotted galavanting around Venice with his wife Bianca Censori.

And the pair seem to have already gotten themselves into hot water after West, 46, was seen exposing his bare bottom while enjoying a boat journey in the beautiful city.

Meanwhile, 28-year-old Censori was snapped kneeling in front of the 'Stronger' hitmaker whose trousers were halfway down.

The incident is reportedly now being investigated by Italian police and Censori and West have been banned by Venezia Turismo Motoscafi from using its boats.

Away from their alleged x-rated antics on the boat, West seems to have gatecrashed an unbeknown couple's wedding in a local church.

In a viral video shared to TikTok, a man that appears to be West can be seen shaking the hands of a beautiful bride and her groom who look to be mid-way through their ceremony.

The man is wearing an all-black ensemble similar to ones the rapper has been spotted wearing of late.

Eagle-eyed TikTokers have also spotted that the unidentified man is barefoot, just to add some extra strangeness to the situation.

The guy thought to West comes into the church and shakes the bride's hand and proceeds to chat to the happy couple.

A man thought to be Kanye West was seen shaking the bride's hand.

West, the bride and groom then pose for a photograph together.

The caption for the video reads: "Imagine getting a pic with Kanye West at your Italian wedding."

While it could well be West, some have questioned if it really is him in the clip.

"That's Kanye East!" joked one person, as another wrote: "That's not Kanye West. That's a Patagonia sleeping bag."

Another sceptical TikToker said: "Joke is, that’s not Kanye."

Elsewhere, others said if it had been West, they would have 'passed' on the opportunity to get a photo with the star following his anti-Semitic comments last year.

Away from the rapper, the bride gained a lot of attention as some hailed her as looking 'stunning'.

Others compared her to a 'Disney Princess'.

"Who cares about Kanye, the bride looks like a Disney Princess," someone said.

The happy couple were compared to Ariel and Prince Eric.

"I’m just focused on Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid," added another, as someone echoed similar sentiments, writing: "OK but is this Ariel and Prince Eric?"

His gatecrashing antics come as the second nuptials West has been a part of this year after the rapper tied the knot with now-wife Censori in January in a private ceremony.

UNILAD has contacted a rep for Kanye West for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@thedeansicker