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Julia Fox says she's going to sue the next beauty product that says 'anti-ageing'

Julia Fox says she's going to sue the next beauty product that says 'anti-ageing'

The model said ‘ageing is fully in’ right now.

Julia Fox has threatened to launch a lawsuit against the next company that claims their products are ‘anti-ageing’.

In a TikTok video that has now gone viral, the model said ‘ageing is fully in’ while encouraging mature women to wear whatever they want.

Her on-screen caption read: “I wanna see bellies hanging over the low rise jeans pls.”

She added: “If I see another product that says ‘anti-ageing’ on the label, I’m suing. I’m going to sue.

“I’m going to sue because I’m going to age regardless, even if I put the f**king $500 serum on my face and you all f**king know it, and we know it, so let’s stop lying to ourselves.”

She continued: “Getting old is f**king hot. Ok? It is sexy. It is probably the sexiest time in life, actually, because being pretty and hot in your 20s is the f**king trenches. I’m not going back there.”

Many praised the Uncut Gems actor for her unfiltered opinion, as one user wrote: “Ageing is a privilege denied to many.”

Another said: “Trenches. Perfect word for it. The amount of TIME I spent in unpaid labor trying to look pretty would amount to years.”

A third person shared: “God you are THE vibe for 2023. The year of Miss Fox, baby!.”

While another commented: “I stopped dying my white hairs about a year ago (@27) and my 19 yr/old cousin said it made her feel better about hers. I’m never going back now.”

The 32-year-old echoed a similar sentiment in another TikTok video posted this week.

While she revealed that she cried on her 27th birthday, she’s embracing her age now more than ever and urged women to do the same.

She said: “My BFF Harmony, God rest her soul, came and flew in to see me because she knew I'd be taking it really hard.”

She added: “My friends tried to come in my room with candles and cupcakes and s**t and I literally was like, 'Get the f**k out! I told you we're not celebrating! There's nothing to celebrate!' And I was, like, such a tyrant about it because I wanted the day to pass and just have it be.”

Fox also admitted she regrets instructing her friends not to post birthday tributes on social media, as she didn’t want to ‘draw attention’ to it.

She continued: “And that's sad because Harmony, the girl I was with, she died. She's not even gonna have the privilege of getting older, you know. So we deny ourselves these milestones for what?”

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