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Julia Fox says she's now 'desensitized to sex'

Julia Fox says she's now 'desensitized to sex'

The actor and model said she learned she was a 'commodity' in her teens and sex is 'not thrilling' for her.

Julia Fox has opened up about becoming 'desensitized' to sex.

The model and actor has previously spoken about finding 'self-esteem and self-worth' working as a dominatrix in a dungeon when she was 18.

Nowadays though, the 32-year-old is over sex.

Speaking to Emily Ratajkowski on her podcast High Low with EmRata about the impact of 'transactional' relationships during her formative years, she said: "It's tough because yeah I'm OK, you know? But there's been a lot of damage done.

"I pretty much, in my teens, learned that I was a commodity and that I can get money or resources from men, so then it just became this game of, OK, how do I become more desirable so I could get more money and I could be like that b****."

She continued: "Sex for me always has been one-sided but I think that's all women can say that.

"So it's like, if I don't really need anything from you, I don't see the point.

"I'm really desensitized to sex, too. Like it just, it's not thrilling for me."

The Uncut Gems star recently had a short-lived relationship with Kanye West, after last year announcing the birth of her son - which has made her reappraise her attitude towards men.

She explained: "I think having a kid was a big part of it because I realised that prior to having Valentino whenever I would meet a guy or date a guy, I would always think, 'OK, I could have a baby with him.'

"Like that was always my thought. It was never like because I was in love or anything, if that makes sense.

"I was like nesting. That was kind of always my end goal, so I think when I had Valentino it was like, 'OK I'm done, I don't need to put up with the bulls*** that comes with being around you guys anyway.'"

Indeed, she said she probably would have dated Kanye for longer before she had her baby.

Fox and Kanye - apparently.
Abaca Press / Alamy Stock Photo

"I was just going day by day and seeing where it went. It was just like, he still wants to hang out with me today, let's do it. And then real life set in and the lifestyle wasn't sustainable. I couldn't fly away once a week. And I tapped out at the first sign of a red flag," she told ES Magazine.

Asked to elaborate on the red flag, she replied: "The unresolved issues that he was dealing with.

"It just seemed like he had a lot to work on, and I just don't have time for it, or energy. I don't have the bandwidth or emotional capacity for it.

"I'm proud of myself for that. Pre-Valentino Julia would have definitely stuck it out and been there for longer."

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