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Julia Fox cried on her 27th birthday because she could no longer say she was in her mid-20s

Julia Fox cried on her 27th birthday because she could no longer say she was in her mid-20s

The model even went so far as to prevent her friends from posting social media birthday tributes.

Julia Fox has revealed that she cried in bed on her 27th birthday as she could no longer say she was in her ‘mid-20s’.

The Uncut Gems actor posted a TikTok to her 1.2 million followers and opened up about the struggles of getting older.

She was responding to a comment from a follower who asked in a sassy tone whether she was 30.

Fox said it reflected how some women are made to feel like they're 'old' when they hit their third decade.

But her 27th birthday was filled with tears instead of candles because she was officially out of her mid-20s.

Fox reflected on how deeply saddened she was as she hit this particular birthday.

She explained: “On my 27th birthday, I literally stayed in my bed all day long.

“My BFF Harmony, God rest her soul, came and flew in to see me because she knew I'd be taking it really hard.”

But despite for best friend’s efforts, Fox was not in the party mood, to say the least.

She continued: “My friends tried to come in my room with candles and cupcakes and s**t and I literally was like, 'Get the f**k out! I told you we're not celebrating! There's nothing to celebrate!' And I was, like, such a tyrant about it because I wanted the day to pass and just have it be.”

The model-turned-actor even went so far as to prevent her inner circle from posting birthday tributes via social media, as she didn’t want to ‘draw attention' to her age.

She said: “I was like, 'Don't post. I don't want to draw attention to the fact that I'm 27'. I just want it to pass by like any other day.

“And that's sad because Harmony, the girl I was with, she died. She's not even gonna have the privilege of getting older, you know. So we deny ourselves these milestones for what?”

Many praised the 32-year-old for being candid about her ageing process, as one user wrote: “‘Privilege of getting older’. Absolutely. Say it louder. No one is guaranteed tomorrow - thankful for 35 years.”

Another said: “The biggest takeaway of my twenties is to learn how to honor time. There’s a switch that turns at 25 where time just feels so scary.”

While a third commented: “Just turned 27 and this really hit home. This was the realization I needed, thank you!”

But it seems as though Fox has now turned a corner with her views on ageing.

She posted a video recent saying revealing that ‘ageing is fully in’ right now and even encouraged mature women to wear whatever they want.

She added: “If I see another product that says ‘anti-ageing’ on the label, I’m suing.

"I’m going to sue.

“I’m going to sue because I’m going to age regardless, even if I put the f**king $500 serum on my face and you all f**king know it, and we know it, so let’s stop lying to ourselves.”

Featured Image Credit: Julia Fox/TikTok. SOPA Images Limited / Alamy Stock Photo

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