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Jackie Chan admitted he 'flung' 2-year-old son 'across the room' and called himself a 'nasty jerk'

Jackie Chan admitted he 'flung' 2-year-old son 'across the room' and called himself a 'nasty jerk'

The movie star's relationship with his family isn't always good

A recent clip of Jackie Chan supposedly watching footage of his old movies with his daughter went viral and the internet ended up learning a lot about the movie star.

While the clip was posted on Twitter and sold as a wholesome moment between father and daughter the reality is anything but.

The clip is actually from the movie Ride On where Chan plays a stuntman and the girl watching the movies with him is the actor Liu Haocun, not his actual daughter.

A supposedly wholesome moment between father and daughter is fiction created by two performers for a movie and bears no resemblance to Chan's relationship with his actual daughter.

Chan does have a daughter, but his relationship with her is non-existent, she is Etta Ng Chok Lam who was born after Chan had an affair with beauty queen Elaine Ng Yi-lei. In 2015, Chan said he'd apologised to his wife and son for the affair and after that it was 'never mentioned again'.

The actor has no relationship with his biological daughter.
VCG / Contributor

Etta has said that Jackie Chan has 'never existed in my life' and that she will 'never regard him as a father'.

Chan has another child, son Jaycee, and in the actor's memoir book Never Grow Up he admitted to once throwing his son across a room when the boy was a two-year-old.

He wrote: "When he was two years old I threw him.

"I picked him up with one hand and flung him across the room, and he crashed into the sofa. With the amount of force I used, if he'd hit the back or armrests, it could have been quite serious."

The actor wrote that he 'immediately' regretted throwing his son across the room and claimed he promised never to hit him again.

Jackie Chan admitted to throwing his son Jaycee across a room when the boy was two.
VCG / Contributor

In the book, published in 2015, Chan says he 'never threw him again or hit him' but wrote that Jaycee was always alert when he wasn't in a good mood, writing that his son 'still gets frightened whenever he hears me give him an order'.

The actor, estimated to be worth around $400 million, has made it clear in his book that his son won't be inheriting any of it, writing: "If he is capable, he can make his own money. If he is not, then he will just be wasting mine."

Chan wrote of a time when he and his son were booked onto a flight, with the actor booking himself into first class and his son into economy before telling the boy 'you have no money, so you sit here'.

His son was able to convince cabin crew to upgrade him to a first class seat.

Jaycee was arrested in 2014 for possessing marijuana and spent six months in jail.

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