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Hailey Bieber Defends Fan After Security Guard Tries To Stop Them

Hailey Bieber Defends Fan After Security Guard Tries To Stop Them

Hailey Bieber is being praised by fans for how she handled a security who tried to stop fans taking a picture

Hailey Bieber has been praised for stepping in to defend fans after a security guard tried to stop them getting a picture with the model.

The 25 year old model was busy promoting the release of her Rhodes skincare brand in New York on Tuesday. Despite her busy schedule, she did not hesitate to stop and talk to a group of fans who were excited to have spotted Bieber in the big apple.

Fans eagerly shared pictures and videos with the model to their social media, with one video going viral on TikTok.

The clip shows the model ready to pose with fan Kristal Terrell before a security guard steps between the pair, stopping the fan getting too close to the fan.

Although the security clearly wanted to ensure the model was kept safe, Bieber made it known that Terrell and the fans were not a threat.

Placing her hand on the guards arm, she repeatedly said: "It's fine."

She then added: "You don’t need to put your hands on anyone," before returning to pose for a photo.

Terrell expressed her gratitude to the model for stepping in and wrote alongside her video: "Hailey is the sweetest person in the world. she just defended me. a real one."


She further added to her gratitude in her TikTok caption, writing: "The way @Hailey Bieber defended me after someone put their hands on me."

Terrell also confirmed that the security guard was not one of Bieber's personal bodyguards, after assumptions made by social media users.

She said: "This was not her bodyguard. Her guards are out of the frame. This was a doorman + 2 people had already taken pics right before me."

The video has prompted social media users to praise the fashion muse for how calmly she handles the situation and for being so down to earth.

One user said: "'Don't put your hands on anyone' she's a queen omfg."

Another user added: "Anyone who says Hailey isn’t nice needs to watch this and the other videos she’s so sweet and gentle !! so excited for Rhode."

One fan also wrote: "I have never loved her more than I do now after hearing her say 'don’t put your hands on anyone'."

Bieber has been teasing the launch of her skincare line 'Rhode' for months and after much anticipation the line was finally released on 15 June.

Currently the products are only available in the US, which is unfortunate news for UK fans who are excitedly waiting for their chance to replicate Bieber's glazed skin look.

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok