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Gwyneth Paltrow's reason behind countersuing in ski trial is being mocked

Gwyneth Paltrow's reason behind countersuing in ski trial is being mocked

Gwyneth Paltrow is being sued over a skiing accident she was involved in back in 2016

Gwyneth Paltrow is getting absolutely ripped for launching a countersuit in her ongoing ski trial.

In case you aren't that familiar with the case, the Hollywood star is being sued by Terry Sanderson over their 2016 collision at the Park City ski resort in Utah.

During their trip, the pair smashed into one another, with retired optometrist, Sanderson, suffering a number of broken ribs.

He also claims he has suffered brain damage as a result of the accident, which he says was Paltrow's fault.

As a result, the 76-year-old is suing the Iron Man star for $300,000, having previously dropped a suit for $3.1m.

During a hearing of the trial last week, Sanderson's lawyer Lawrence Buhler accused Paltrow of turning to look up at her children while skiing, arguing that the Goop founder 'knew what she was doing was dangerous'.

Gwyneth Paltrow is being roasted over her countersuit against Terry Sanderson.

After hiring 'multiple instructors' at the cost of thousands of dollars, Buhler said that Paltrow had been out skiing with her two children.

"The children and their two instructors ski to the left," he told the jury.

"Ms Paltrow skis down to the right, she turns her head up to look at her children.

"As she turns her head back down she screams and skis into the back of Terry Sanderson… they hit the ground hard and Ms Paltrow bounces off Terry."

It's not just Sanderson who is seeking damages from the case, Paltrow also launched a countersuit against him.

But whereas he is looking for hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages, the actor is asking for just $1.

Giving evidence during the trial, Paltrow was asked about the 'losses' she suffered as a result of the incident, to which she replied: "Well, we lost half a day of skiing."

Sanderson claims that Paltrow skied into him while she was looking at her children.

Unsurprisingly, the incredibly low amount has confused a lot of people, with plenty ridiculing the 50-year-old for her 'pathetic' reason for the countersuit.

"Man: sues Gwyneth Paltrow for accident that left him with broken ribs and brain damage," wrote one. "Gwyneth Paltrow: countersues for $1 because she 'lost half a day of skiing'."

Another joked: "He can earn more money—but Gwyneth will NEVER get back the half day of skiing she lost. So who's really the bad person here????"

"'I lost half a day of skiing'," put a third. "Really?! You are really pathetic."

While another commented: "Texting all my friends, 'Well ... I lost half a day of skiing' next time any minor inconvenience befalls me."

Discussing why she decided on the figure, Paltrow told the jury: “It’s an actual dollar that I’m asking for. It’s symbolic because the damages would actually be more."

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