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Lady Gaga fans crash the set of Joker 2 as she performs

Lady Gaga fans crash the set of Joker 2 as she performs

Despite Gotham's finest and real-life police officers being in attendance, many 'little monsters' could keep away from the Joker 2 set.

Fans of Lady Gaga have been causing chaos on the set of Joker: Folie a Deux, as they try to get close to the singer.

Gaga has been filming scenes for the upcoming comic book adaptation, outside of New York’s iconic County Supreme Court.

Despite the presence of Gotham’s finest and real-life police officers, some fans still risk a night in the cells just to meet the musician.

It’s not surprising given the hype around the upcoming film, which isn’t set to be released until October 2024 at the earliest.

Joaquin Phoenix will reprise his Academy Award-winning role as the Joker, with Gaga playing his love interest and Arkham shrink Harley Quinn.

Whilst little is known about the highly anticipated film, a recently released synopsis hinted that it will be a ‘musical’ which focuses on the supervillains’ whirlwind romance.

However, footage from the set seems to show Gaga aggressively kissing another woman as she exits the Courthouse.

Fans were desperate to get closer to Lady Gaga.
MediaPunch Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

For many Gaga and DC fans, it’s their first glimpse of the actor as the iconic Arkham shrink.

Donning the diamond-printed tights in a nod to her character, Gaga was also seen on the steps of the New York courthouse surrounded by fake protestors, news crews and officers.

Many of her ‘little monsters’ even watched her film the scene close by, with one telling Vulture: “When she was walking down the stairs, you felt like she was in the zone. She wasn’t paying attention to anyone else.”

A group of students from the Fashion Institute of Technology even managed to find out when Gaga would be on set from a stylist and came back a day later.

They told the outlet: “I wouldn’t say we’re avid fans [of Joker} but we like Gaga.”

The new film is set to follow the love story between the two villains.
Warner Brother Pictures.

Whilst many fans were just happy to see the star in person, others need to get closer to the action - including one woman who tried to get her breast signed by the singer.

Emily told the publication that she pretended to be an extra, just so she could be on set with her hero and even ‘grabbed her by the shoulders’.

“I climbed up on that pillar up there,” she revealed, as she referred to the courthouse, “and my dumb ass grabbed Lady Gaga by the shoulders.”

The woman then admitted: “My whole goal was to try and get her to sign my boob, and then I was going to get it tattooed if she did it. But I ended up getting way too in the moment.”

Though she claimed that Gaga was ‘really nice about it’, the woman was removed from the set but then returned to the scene of the crime the next day in a wig and sunglasses.

Featured Image Credit: Brazil Photo Press / Alamy Stock Photo

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