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Floyd Mayweather Slammed By PETA Over $18,000 Mink Car Seat

Floyd Mayweather Slammed By PETA Over $18,000 Mink Car Seat

He bought the lavish car seat for his one-year-old grandson

Floyd Mayweather has been slammed by animal rights organisation PETA over his $18,000 mink car seat.

The former boxer, 45, decided to treat his grandson to the lavish seat, but the animal rights organisation has slammed it as a 'monstrosity'.

The controversial seat was installed for one-year-old Kentrell Jr. in a 2022 Rolls-Royce Cullinan and was made of real, customised fur.

PETA said in a statement: "Did Floyd Mayweather, who has a history of assault and battery of defenseless victims, really seek to update it by supporting an industry that throttles animals to death in addition to poisoning and electrocuting them?

"This man is hardly a role model for compassion and understanding, but to try to make cruelty look attractive to a child could earn him a medal for corrupting the natural kindness of a minor."

The organisation then offered to provide Mayweather with a faux fur seat.

"PETA is calling on Mayweather to take a jab at teaching kindness, not cruelty, by replacing this monstrosity with faux fur, as most designers, department stores, and consumers have - and PETA would be happy to provide it."

Floyd Mayweather in 2011.

PETA's criticism was also reflected in social media users' opinions of the car seat.

One Twitter user wrote: "Someone has to stand up for the mink. There are plenty of expensive alternatives if it's about showing off.

"Understated is the sign of a man who understands money."

"I'm no PETA supporter, but I agree with the fact it's animal cruelty," wrote another, while a third added: "What a waste of 18k… that car seat will not even fit after a point."

Meanwhile a fourth suggested that a better use of Mayweather's money would be to invest it in some financial literacy courses.

They wrote: "man need to drop some money on financial literacy courses tf [sic]."

"Idc if im the richest mf on the planet im not spending $18k on a carseat when its over a thousand others that work the exact same," declared a fifth.

News of the car seat comes after Mayweather was slammed for charging 'extortionate' amounts for meet and greets earlier this year.

UNILAD has reached out to Floyd Mayweather for comment.

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Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@floydmayweather

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