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Fans praise Drake for wearing painted nails
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Fans praise Drake for wearing painted nails

Yellow on one hand, blue on the other.

Drake has set tongues wagging after a recent livestream appearance for his favorite betting app Stake.

The Canadian rapper appeared on camera for the June 4 stream with yellow nail polish on one hand and a touch of blue on the left pinky finger of his other hand.

He is far from the first musician to adorn his nails with less-than-natural colors, with Tyler The Creator, A$AP Rocky, Kid Cudi, Lil Nas X, and even Machine Gun Kelly having already embraced the trend.

But that doesn't mean fans aren't singing his praises anyway.

One Twitter user said: "Anyway. Did y'all see the color of Drake's nails last night? I'm not mad at the fellas exploring nail colors."

A second added: "Looks good. I would choose that color too."

While a third chipped in with: "Yasss Kween!"

Others weren't as pleased with his color choice.

One person said: "I enjoy men wearing nail polish but I need y’all to get gel and pick some cute colors."

A second added: "Honey…the nails gotta compliment your skin tone."

A third piped up with an angry face emoji: "That was going to be my next color."

Either way, congrats to Drake for trying to break down the barriers of toxic masculinity in his own small way.

Actor Seth Rogen won the praise of fans last year, with some dubbing him 'amazing' and a 'king' after he shared a video of himself showing off a new platinum-blonde hair style and lengthy acrylic nails.

Roles in films like Knocked Up, Pineapple Express and Superbad have never done much to depict Rogen as a particularly boujee person, but that all changed when he shared his new look online with some of the fiercest nails known to man adorning his fingertips.

Some fans were initially left confused at who the nails belonged to, with the clip at first showing only the orange acrylics patterned with pink spots.

However, it soon became clear that Rogen had undergone a manicure.

Rogen and his nails for days.
Seth Rogen/Instagram.

Anyone who's ever had acrylics will know they can take some getting used to, but Rogen appeared to be an expert as he quickly secured the blunt he was rolling in the video and began smoking it.

After taking a drag, the actor, with his new cropped, platinum hair, tapped the blunt on an ashtray covered in the same pattern as his nails.

With that he announced 'gloop is back – in lilac and orange'.

The announcement related to the Gloopy Ashtray product sold by his company, Houseplant, which was released two days later.

So here's to Drake, Seth Rogen, Kid Cudi and all the other fellas out there donning a snatched set for their 10 little piggies.

Nice work, fellas. Smash down the patriarchy, one fingernail at a time.

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