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Elon Musk's Christian fans worried after he wears 'satanic' Halloween costume

Elon Musk's Christian fans worried after he wears 'satanic' Halloween costume

Elon has worried fans with this year's Halloween costume choice

Elon Musk has seriously worried his uber-religious fans after dressing up as the 'devil's champion' for Halloween.

Over the years, the Tesla founder and new CEO of Twitter has earned himself a whole pile of conservative fans, but his 'satanic' Halloween costume might just have cost him some.

Elon attended Heidi Klum's coveted Halloween party in New York this week, dressed in red and black samurai armour, decorated in inverted crosses and Baphomet crosses.

To be fair, when you're showing up to a Halloween party where the host is dressed as a human-sized worm, you have to pull out all the stops.

Not only was it covered in 'satanic' symolism, but if you look up the $7,500 (£6,650) costume online, it's called the Devil's Champion-Leather Armor Set - just in case you had any doubts.

The costume has helped Elon add the conservative Christian community to his ever-growing list of trolls and haters.

As soon as the billionaire shared some photos of his costume to Twitter, the complaints and concerns started rolling in.

"#ElonMusk openly wearing a harness with #Baphomet on it, complete with upside down cross. This is antichrist material right here..." wrote one Twitter user.

A second agreed: "Tell me you are the antichrist without saying it," while a third concerned fan tweeted: "Satanic goat symbol and flipped cross? yeah run up the conspiracy theories."

"Tell me thats not something the Anti Christ would wear", challenged a fourth.

And a fifth asked: "Devil's Champion? The Anti Christ? What's Musk signalling?"

Another fan teased: "When somebody tells you who they are, believe them."

But while some people seemed genuinely concerned over the SpaceX engineer's costume, others insisted that this was classic Elon.

Fans even pointed out that Elon had changed the location on his Twitter bio to 'Hell' to really bring the joke home.

It's been a busy week for Elon, especially after finalising his purchase of Twitter last month.

Elon went to Heidi Klum's Halloween party with his mum.

The $44 billion (£38 billion) takeover has already sparked major moves on the social network, including a new verification system that will charge people $8 per month to have a blue tick linked to their account, and a number of banned accounts set to be restored.

It would appear that lots of people are concerned about Musk's Twitter takeover - in fact, after the deal was confirmed, searches for ‘how to delete Twitter’ surged by 500 percent.

Sorry, Elon, it sounds like the people just don't have much faith in you... Maybe try another satan-themed costume, though. That might help.

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