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Heidi Klum shares footage of how she managed to dance in her hilarious Halloween costume

Heidi Klum shares footage of how she managed to dance in her hilarious Halloween costume

She is undoubtedly the Queen of Halloween, unveiling by far her weirdest, funniest, and most move-restricting costume to date.

Heidi Klum has shared utterly hilarious footage of herself attempting to dance in what may be her most bonkers Halloween costume to date.

The undisputed Queen of Halloween rocked up to her 21st annual Halloween bash at Sake No Hana in New York dressed as a massive, human-sized worm.

Her suit took up most of the blue carpet as she hopped, crawled, and wiggled her way into the party to meet her guests, which included Elon Musk, Jonathan Van Ness, Julia Fox, and Ice Cube.

But the real highlight was watching her try to dance alongside Questlove in the DJ booth.

The German model could be seen wriggling and rocking back and forth in her flesh-toned costume and it is utterly hilarious.

She captioned one social media post with: "Would you still love me if I was a worm?"

She's clearly referring to the utterly hilarious gag women play on their partners where they imagine a bunch of weird scenarios to test out or annoy them.

We've all done it - I once asked my boyfriend if he would still love me if I had a long neck like a giraffe but it was a normal flesh colour.

That was before he cracked it and asked me to 'please, for the love of God, stop'.

Klum later changed into a svelte, glitter encrusted and barely-there bodysuit that seemed far better suited for the dance floor.

Albeit far less funny.

Her worm costume won the internet, with fans flocking to social media to heap praise on the earthwormy supermodel.

One fan wrote on Instagram: "She won again."

Another added: "You always seem to worm your way into my heart on Halloween, REMARKABLE."

A third said: "Heidi is undoubtedly the QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN."

Klum was joined by her 18-year-old daughter, who came dressed as Catwoman, and her partner Tom Kaulitz, who arrived as a fisherman that had a rod that was attached to the supermodel worm.

The supermodel also told reporters that it took more than 12 hours to get her worm-suited up for the party.

If you thought this worm look was impressive, spare a thought for Klum when she dressed as a grotesque monster for Halloween in 2019.

The costume was so intricate that it took 13 hours to be fully immersed in it.

She had exposed organs, a brain covered by a glass dome, and weird machine-like things poking out of her back.

Oh, and she got ready for it all in front of a live audience.

Bonkers, right?

Featured Image Credit: Heidi Klum/Instagram. ROGER WONG/

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