Reason Drake's Mattress Is Worth $390,000

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Reason Drake's Mattress Is Worth $390,000

Featured Image Credit: Hastens Beds/Alamy

It's no secret that Drake has a lot of cash - and he certainly likes spending it.

Whether it's gigantic private jets, futuristic bogs or lavish nights at the strip club, the rapper regularly makes a huge splash with a stack of cash.

As such, I suppose it makes sense that he would fork out for the best when it comes to a daily comfort like a mattress, and it turns out 'the best' in the world of mattresses costs a pretty penny.

Drizzy allowed us all to have a peep inside his manor house in his hometown of Toronto, Canada, in a 2020 issue of Architectural Digest.

That's worth more than a house - that I for one cannot afford. Credit: Hastens Beds
That's worth more than a house - that I for one cannot afford. Credit: Hastens Beds

Unsurprisingly, the 50,000-square-foot property is completely littered with decadent excess, from mega chandeliers and two-storey closets, to 4,000lb marble bath tubs and a full size indoor basketball court.

But one detail that caught the eye was his mattress - because how exactly can a mattress be worth $390,000 (£320,000)?

There are many among us who dream of owning a house worth that much, let alone a mattress. What the hell is inside this mattress?

Well, that would be horse hair. Yep, horse hair.

The 'Grand Vividus' (what kind of name were you expecting a 400k mattress to have?) is a collaboration between luxury Swedish mattress-maker Hästens and artist and designer Ferris Rafauli.

The difference between it and Hästens' classic Vividus is the amount of horse hair inside it, according to VICE, as well as the number of springs and the amount of time it takes to construct by hand - four craftsmen spend about 600 hours on each Grand Vividus, which is twice the time it takes to make a classic.

It weighs in at half a tonne and features shagreen leather corners, as well as golden brass accents.

Linus Adolfsson - who founded the Hästens Sleep Spa and runs four Hästens stores - told VICE that spending large sums on mattresses is considered less culturally perverse in Sweden.

Speaking in 2020, he said: "In Sweden, sleeping isn't just about sleeping, it's about self-care.

"Your mattress should be the most important piece of furniture in your home. In Sweden, if your couch costs more than your mattress, people won't understand. We have a completely different attitude to sleeping."

He added: "The springs are like… just imagine that you're a huge rock star and you stage dive into the crowd.

"If you're in an arena and everyone reaches up to catch you, you feel like you're floating, and you don't feel each individual hand. But if you try that with five friends, it's a different story."

And it seems the bed is doing the trick for Champagne Papi, because he told Architectural Digest that the bedroom is his favourite room in his massive mansion, and he really does feel like he's floating when he hits the hay/horse hair.

He said: "The bedroom is where I come to decompress from the world at the end of the night and where I open my eyes to seize the day.

"The bed lets you float, the shower lets you escape and gather your thoughts, and the closet makes you want to talk to yourself while you're getting dressed."

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