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David Spade once got caught paying $9,000 for Adam Sandler's dinner

David Spade once got caught paying $9,000 for Adam Sandler's dinner

The Identity Guard thought someone had stolen Spade's credit card because he's not that 'generous'

David Spade once volunteered to pay for Adam Sandler's $9,000 dinner but it was a complete accident.

The actor and writer sat down with talk show host Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show where he revealed a hilarious story about his former Saturday Night Live co-star.

David Spade was shocked when he discovered how much money he spent on Adam Sandler.

Both Spade, 58 and Sandler, 56, are two of the biggest names in comedy and they’ve been in hugely successful movies over the years, meaning they can probably afford to spare some change when eating out.

But the Tommy Boy actor was totally unprepared after paying for Sandler's bill, unbeknownst of what was to come.

“Adam [Sandler] he always buys me dinner, you know, he’s just a nice guy and his wallets about 10 feet tall and then he has to bend it closed,” he joked.

Adam Sandler and David Spade in Grown Ups.
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Spade went on: “But, we were all out - or I was out at dinner at some fancy restaurant and then they go, ‘Mr. Sandler’s here’ and I go, 'Ooh!' I play it down. I go, ‘Who cares?’ you know.

"But then he’s got this whole back room with 15 people and they’re having some big birthday party or something. So, I go in there and I do a few thirsty bits to get attention. And then I leave and come back.”

As the audience laugh, Spade continued: “And then, when I leave, I go, ‘Hey, put this on, you know, my Discover card’ or whatever, so I charge theirs. The guy goes, ‘Sir, his whole thing?’ I go, ‘Yeah. I’m on TV sometimes. What are you worried about?’ So, he goes, ‘Sure’.”

The Identity Guard got in touch with Spade after his splurge.

The Just Shoot Me! star found out exactly how much money he spent on Sandler the next day when the Identity Guard called him and said: “Someone stole your card.”

Spade was surprised by the news but then learned it was all a huge misunderstanding.

“'There was some $9,000 dinner last night’ I go, ‘Oh my God’. I go, ‘That was me’. They were like, 'It couldn’t have been, you’re not that generous'. I go, ‘No, I was buzzed'.”

The pair have remained friends ever since starring on SNL together in the ‘90s and they starred together in the hit films Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2.

Let’s all hope someone rich buys Spade dinner one day in return *hint hint*.

Featured Image Credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/Jim Ruymen/UPI/Shutterstock

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