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Cockroach becomes unlikely star and steals the show at the Met Gala
Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@variety

Cockroach becomes unlikely star and steals the show at the Met Gala

The cockroach wasn't the only animal on the red carpet, as Jared Leto and Doja Cat also dressed as designer Karl Lagerfeld’s beloved cat

While many fans may have been unimpressed with this year’s guest list, there was at least one surprise attendee at the Met Gala.

The high-brow event is a must for any fashionistas, but tickets are notoriously hard to come by with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars even being barred for the museum fundraiser.

It didn’t stop one of New York’s most infamous residents from crashing the party though, as a cockroach tried to sneak past security in a now-viral moment.

Held on the first Monday of May, the Met Gala is a charity event which sees the great and good raise money for New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Last night (1 May), the iconic venue was transformed yet again as A-Listers like Anne Hathaway, Rihanna and supermodel Gisele Bündchen graced the red, or should we say cream, carpet.

Unbeknownst to the guests though, a cockroach had made its way past the security barriers and began to strut its stuff with the stars.

As the press noticed the creepy-crawly, people could be heard shrieking in the background with several yelling ‘get a photo’ as the bug made its way towards photojournalist Kevin Mazur.

The quick-thinking pap tried to grab several shots before stamping on the uninvited guest, in a moment that has gone viral online.

While it might have been a bit of harsh punishment for the gate-crasher, the insect has gained a second life on social media with Variety even sharing an obituary-style photo.

The outlet even posted an obituary style tweet.

Fashion fans have also been reacting to the unlikely star online, with many taking to Twitter to express their thoughts.

One user even used the opportunity to criticise the Met Gala's guest list, as they pointedly wrote: “Even a cockroach went to the Met Gala! And not any of my faves! A COCKROACH.”

Others soon joined in with another fan adding: “So... we didn't have Austin Butler today, but at least we have this cockroach model. #MetGala.”

However, some have used the viral moment to take aim at the wealthy attendees with one tweet reading: “All the money in the world couldn’t keep this cockroach out of the #MetGala.”

Sharing a clip of the cockroach causing chaos on the red carpet, another person said: “Rich people see a cockroach for the first time #MetGala.”

It wasn’t the end of animals on the red carpet, as both Jared Leto and Doja Cat dressed as designer Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, Choupette, in tribute to the late fashionista.

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