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MrBeast collaborator Chris says hormone replacement therapy saved his life

MrBeast collaborator Chris says hormone replacement therapy saved his life

Chris Tyson has been having the treatment for two months

MrBeast's collaborator and friend Chris Tyson described how hormone replacement therapy 'saved' his life as he condemned the 'hurdles' faced by gender non-conforming people.

Tyson, whose Twitter profile states he uses 'any pronouns', shared the news that he's undergoing hormone replacement therapy (HRT) on 5 April, after an internet user called attention to his changing appearance.

HRT can be used to treat gender dysphoria, and can help gender non-conforming people achieve a more traditional masculine or feminine appearance.

Tyson has shared snaps of his changing appearance online.

The NHS explains: "In general, people wanting masculinisation usually take testosterone and people after feminisation usually take oestrogen."

Tyson explained that he's been receiving the treatment for two months, and shared another tweet describing how 'informed consent HRT saved [his] and many others' lives'.

Responding to a tweet about a proposed ban on 'gender-affirming care' in Texas, Tyson continued: "The hurdles [gender non-conforming] people have to jump through to get life-saving gender-affirming healthcare in a 1st world country is wild to me. Just let people make informed decisions about their own bodies."

Tyson praised HRT for saving his life.

The YouTuber has admitted he was 'super nervous' about sharing the news of his HRT treatment with the public, but has since expressed his delight over the conversations it has sparked.

"I’m genuinely so glad so many people are learning what HRT is and how it CAN and HAS helped so many people because of my tweet," he wrote.

"I was super nervous to be public about this bc I’ve always been so private when it comes to this, but seeing conversations started [because] of me is amazing. It makes everything so worth it. I’m so excited to have more conversations like this in the future with you all."

Tyson is thankful for the conversations his announcement has sparked.

Tyson has noticed changes to both his hairline and face shape since beginning HRT, and said that the past two months alone have already given him an 'insane' amount of 'body positivity'.

News of Tyson's treatment comes just a few days after he shared that he and his partner, Katie, had been separated for 'a little over a year'.

In 2020, the YouTuber came out as bisexual on social media after previously receiving 'a lot of negative backlash from friends/family' when he tried to come out as a teen.

"Just know if the people around you don't love and support you we always will," Tyson said in his post. "Someday I'd like to go into detail about more of this but I'm still very private about it due to things that happened when I tried coming out. I just don't want to be silent about it anymore."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@chris/Youtube/@mrbeast

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