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Chinese Elon Musk Resurfaces On TikTok After Twitter Acquisition

Chinese Elon Musk Resurfaces On TikTok After Twitter Acquisition

The TikTok user has gained millions of followers due to his resemblance to Musk

Between the popularity of Tesla, his ambitions to travel to Mars and his recent agreement to buy Twitter, it's safe to say Elon Musk is a pretty frequent topic of conversation online.

The majority of internet users will probably recognise not only his name but his face - so much so that one TikTok user has made a name for himself simply by resembling the billionaire.

The man, who goes by the handle @mayilong0, plays into his similarities by using the name 'Elong Musk' on the platform and describing himself as 'Chinese Musk', and while he first went viral in December 2021, he found his way back into the spotlight this week when Musk announced the success of his plan to buy Twitter.

See Elong in action below:

Elong has been posting sporadically since he first went viral with a video of himself standing in the doorway of a Tesla, but he marked his lookalike's latest accomplishment this week by sharing another video in which he showed off the Twitter logo.

In the clip, the doppelgänger tapped on what appeared to be the same Tesla and introduced himself to his fans before grabbing a cut-out version of Twitter's recognisable blue bird in honour of Musk's purchase of the platform.

Alongside the video, Elong wrote: "This is a free bird. I like him and I'm going to go to him right now. Because Elon Musk is my brother."

He added in a comment: "This bird will be able to change the world."

The video was only posted yesterday (27 April), but it has already racked up more than three million views from astounded viewers struggling to believe just how much the Chinese man resembles Musk himself.

"elon musk definitely discovered the multiverse," one person joked, while another commented: "It is freaky how much he looks like Elon."

For some, the resemblance is so uncanny that it's simply too good to be true. A number of people have suggested Elong's videos actually use deepfake technology and are created by someone who doesn't look that much like Musk, but who has access to the tools to make it appear as if he does.

Real or not, though, Musk himself has acknowledged the apparent existence of his doppelgänger as he responded to a clip of him on Twitter and wrote: "Maybe I’m partly Chinese!"

With Musk generating as much attention as he does, you can't blame the TikToker for jumping on the bandwagon!

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Featured Image Credit: @mayilong0/@masikexiaomi/TikTok

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