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Britney Spears lashes out at fast food employee for consoling her after she cried in car
Featured Image Credit: PA Images / Sipa US / Alamy

Britney Spears lashes out at fast food employee for consoling her after she cried in car

The singer was not interested in their words of support

Britney Spears has hit out at a fast food employee for consoling her after she cried in car.

The singer went to a Jack in the Box drive-thru recently and revealed that she got some unwanted support from a member of staff.

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, Britney said the server told her that everything was 'gonna be okay' after they'd seen her in tears.

She blasted them for getting involved despite not knowing anything about the situation.

In her post, which has since had the caption amended to remove the rant, the 41-year-old explained that she's gotten into meditation recently, and that she sometimes forgets to eat.

Britney Spears has hit out at an employee at a Jack in the Box.
Abaca Press/Alamy

She said: "So l got in my car yesterday and I cried ... I cried so damn hard but geez, my car is my spaceship ... it's where I have my best interests, thoughts, creative urges, ideas, it's spiritual … totally spiritual and we're all in this together on the road.

"So I don't feel alone unless those big 18 wheelers come by and hog the road and I want to s*** on myself … but it's me time … my own inner thoughts."

Britney went on: "Well I forgot to eat yesterday ... I saw Jack in The Box ... I've never ate there a day in my f**king life ... I was like HOLY S**T and when I saw that big sign of pictures of the food.

"Normally hate looking at food but it's TIMING !!! Holy hog heavens I got a cookies and cream milk shake with a double cheeseburger.

Britney didn't take too  kindly to the server's words.
Robert Clay/Alamy

"Well …………… I had been crying in the car ... but nobody could tell, only me ... my face still looked normal … I was fine, but then there he was … this big man at the f**king window… he gave me PITY !!! IT’S GONNA BE OK !!! …………… WTF DID HE JUST SAY ??? He doesn't KNOW ME and I sure as hell didn't know his a** ... so why did he say that ???

"It's all gonna be ok !!! I was offended. F**K you stupid man at Jack in The Box. You don’t know me … you’re not my blood so go f**k yourself !!!"

While Britney was clearly angry over the situation, many people in the comments said he was probably just trying to be nice.

Some even took aim at the 'Baby One More Time' singer over he reaction to it.

"If Jack in the Box guy is reading this, I hope he knows that he's a good person with a kind heart," wrote one user.

Another commented: "What a s****y reaction... shame on you. People do care and not everyone is out to get you."

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