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This $25,000 Egg-Shaped Meditation Pod Helps People ‘Access Higher States’

Lucy Connolly

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This $25,000 Egg-Shaped Meditation Pod Helps Humans 'Access Higher States'OpenSeed

Have you ever been sat in your office, stressed out to the max and wondering why on earth you don’t have a meditation pod to help get you through the day?

No? Probably because meditation pods aren’t as common an office fixture as awkward kitchen conversations. Well that’s all about to change as a company called OpenSeed is selling meditation pods, with the egg-shaped contraptions designed to help you relax.


The 1,000lb pods are designed to be womb-like, to ‘quiet the mind and elevate performance’, with the calming environment created using relaxing sounds, guided meditation, lighting and aromatherapy.

meditation podOpenSeed

Now, if this sounds right up your street I have some bad news, because just one pod will set you back $25,000. So unless your company’s willing to fork out the dough for you, or unless you just have that amount of money lying around somewhere, I’m afraid you might be out of luck.

Regardless, we all like to do a bit of window shopping, so let’s take a look at what the pods have to offer. And hey, who knows? You might just win the lottery in the next few days/weeks/years, and then you’d be laughing.


According to OpenSeed, the pods are intended to ‘provide moments of calm in the workplace and other high-traffic locations’, to help humans ‘access higher states of awareness’.

meditation podsOpenSeed

The company promises to provide an ‘experience’ in which, ‘uninterrupted by any visual distractions, an individual has a much greater potential to quiet the mind and restore calm, focus, clarity, and positive energy’.

The pods will make use of ‘light therapy’ in the form of LED lights, which are programmed to sync up with the audio, allowing users to be guided for breathing exercises and visualisations.


On top of this, you’ll be welcomed into the pod with a ‘subtle calming scent’, with each pod having a small compartment that stores essential oils which can be ‘paired’ with each experience.

Not to worry if you work in a noisy space, either, as up to three noise cancelling headphones can be activated in loud environments to block out any and all external noise.

meditation pods 2OpenSeed

Those using the pods will also be able to make use of the touch screens inside to select which type of experience they want, including different kinds of guided meditations.


Basically, it sounds relaxing as all hell and I wish I had $25,000 to spare. Unfortunately though, I can’t even find a spare tenner lying around the house so I guess it’s goodbye to the meditation pod for now.

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