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Fans concerned as Britney Spears posts x-rated fully nude video on her Instagram

Fans concerned as Britney Spears posts x-rated fully nude video on her Instagram

Britney Spears fans are flooding online in worry after the singer shared a naked video to Instagram following other concerning posts

Britney Spears fans are flooding to social media in concern for the singer after she uploaded a fully naked video to her social media.

With the 42-year-old musician posting some alarming content to her Instagram account alongside navigating her way through a divorce, fans have become increasingly concerned for Spears' wellbeing and her latest social media post has done little to ease worries.

Just six months ago, off the back of fans sharing their concern over several videos she uploaded, Spears took to her social media to admit something was 'going on'.

She wrote: "They always a suspicion that something’s going on !!!! Well guess what Britney nerds … you were 100 percent right !!!."

However, Spears added that she didn't 'have time to speak about any of it' right then because it was 'beyond comprehension,' sharing a clip from her favorite movie instead.

And the dance videos and other content with peculiar or unexplained captions haven't stopped from the singer, with her latest post raising further worry among fans.

Spears' Instagram content has been worrying fans (Instagram/ @britneyspears)
Spears' Instagram content has been worrying fans (Instagram/ @britneyspears)

Earlier today (23 May), Spears took to her Instagram page to share a video of her at the beach in the sea.

She can be seen in the shallows of the water, completely naked bar wearing a pair of sunglasses on her face, lying down on her front, writhing around and then turning to the side to flash a video of her bare bottom.

The caption reads: "Hello to my a** !!!"

And while the singer has turned the comments section off, it's not taken long for fans to flock to X to express their concern.

Spears uploaded a video with her naked bottom in (Instagram/ @britneyspears)
Spears uploaded a video with her naked bottom in (Instagram/ @britneyspears)

One X user wrote: "Someone really needs to check on her."

"This won't end well," another added.

A third commented: "Obviously there is something going on with her!"

"I hope that everyone who is on social media that is having any type of mental health crisis reaches out for help for peer support from those on the platform who can assist them," a fourth added.

And a final resolved: "Mental Health Challenges are real and I hope #BritneySpears is doing okay."

However, others argued that everyone should actually just be leaving Spears alone.

"Leave Britney alone! And let her sun her bitties in peace," a user said.

A second wrote: "Living her best life."

UNILAD has contacted Britney Spears' representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ @britneyspears

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