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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's 'tense exchange' on red carpet has now been explained
Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock/Chelsea Lauren/Alamy/UPI

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's 'tense exchange' on red carpet has now been explained

The 'tense exchange' between the couple has been explained.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez appeared to be having a ‘tense exchange’ on the red carpet this week - now the whole thing has been explained.

Lopez, 53, and her husband Affleck, 50, were among the guests at the launch of her new movie The Mother this week.

The celeb couple have been to their fair share of events since tying the knot last summer, but some fans are convinced something was ‘off’ this time around.

On Wednesday evening (May 10) when the couple walked the red carpet at the Westwood Regency Village Theater, they were photographed in what appeared to be a tense conversation with lots of animated pointing gestures.

However a source close to couple have dismissed claims that there’s trouble in paradise and revealed why the Argo actor left his wife on the red carpet.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were not having an argument, according to a source.
Shutterstock/Chelsea Lauren/Alamy/UPI

“There was no drama on the red carpet,” the source told The Mirror. “They’re very much in love”.

The anonymous source explained that Affleck left his wife’s side to reunite with ‘some of their respective children’ while Lopez worked the red carpet and continued to promote her newly-released Netflix film.

As the film project is Lopez’s and not her husband, he departed the red carpet after they took a few snaps together.

And the ‘tense exchange’ was actually about logistics, according to the source. Affleck was actually asking Lopez where the couple should go after posing for pictures.

After the pictures and video clip hit the internet, rumours began circulating that the couple were arguing with each other but that is not the case.

On Friday (12 May) a lip reader looked at the footage and also said it appeared the couple were simply discussing how they were going to pose for pictures.

The couple were not having an argument, a source claims.
Shutterstock/Chelsea Lauren/Alamy/UPI

According to the 'expert', Affleck apparently tells Lopez to get closer to him, leaning into her ear and saying: "Don't worry, babe."

She then tells the Air star to 'come close to me', the lip reader deduced.

After posing for a few snaps, Affleck says, 'That's us done' before giving his wife a kiss and seeing if she's alright.

Lopez then responds by saying, 'Yes', telling Affleck that they need to 'step over there'.

This comes a few months after the couple became the viral moment of the year at the Grammys.

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