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Lip reader reveals what Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez said during 'tense exchange' on red carpet

Lip reader reveals what Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez said during 'tense exchange' on red carpet

Fans claimed the couple seemed a little tense on the red carpet

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez walked the red carpet this week for the premiere of the singer's new movie The Mother.

But while it's nothing new for the celeb couple to be seen at these kinds of events, fans claimed there was something off about them this time round.

You can make up your own mind and watch the footage below:

As you are probably aware, the red carpet is the meat market of Hollywood, with paps lined up, ready and waiting to get that lucrative front cover snap.

And when it was J-Lo and Affleck's turn, the pair seemed a little tense, it was said.

Rumours even began circulating online that they were arguing with one another.

However, a lip reader has had a look at the footage and believes they know exactly what went down on the night.

Ben Affleck and J-Lo seemed to be involved in some discussion.
Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

Speaking to the Mail Online, they explained that far from having an argument the couple were simply discussing how they were going to pose for the photos.

According to the 'expert', Affleck apparently tells J Lo to get closer to him, leaning into her ear and saying: "Don't worry, babe."

She then tells the Air star to 'come close to me', the lip reader deduced.

After posing for a few snaps, Affleck says, 'That's us done' before giving his wife a kiss and seeing if she's alright.

J Lo then responds by saying, 'Yes', telling Affleck that they need to 'step over there'.

So it would appear that people's concerns were mislaid.

UNILAD has contacted a representative for Jennifer Lopez for comment.

This comes a few months after the couple became the viral moment of the year at the Grammys.

Affleck joined his wife in the audience, who presented the award for Best Pop Vocal Album to winner Harry Styles.

Affleck became a meme earlier this year after his Grammys appearance.

In one awkward moment while host Trevor Noah was doing a bit right next to the couple, the camera caught the usually loved-up couple frantically whispering to each other and fans assumed they might have had a tiny argument.

Affleck whispers something into her ear, which causes her to jerk backwards and say something stern. Lopez then looks towards the camera when she realises the world's eyes are watching them.

Then an unnamed lip reader commissioned by the Daily Mail suggested J Lo said: "Stop. Look more friendly. Look motivated."

Affleck apparently replied with: "I might."

Within a matter of hours, the Good Will Hunting star was a meme, with fans loving how bored he looked throughout the entire ceremony.

Even Stevie Wonder belting out a rendition of 'Higher Ground' couldn't get the man going.

Featured Image Credit: Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock/ Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

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