Woman Shocked After Finding Out She Was Catfished By Her Own Boss

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Woman Shocked After Finding Out She Was Catfished By Her Own Boss

Featured Image Credit: Olivia Fenton/TikTok

A woman who ended up being catfished was shocked to find out that her own boss was behind the whole thing.

Just for those who don't know, 'catfishing' is where somebody takes on a fake persona in order to lure another person into some kind of relationship.

It's bad enough having it happen to you, let alone how awful it would be to discover that your boss was the one manipulating you in such a way.

Well, that's exactly what happened to Olivia Fenton, who posted about her shocking experiences with her boss on TikTok.


Fenton explained that her boss had started the whole thing by suggesting setting her up on a blind date with her best man friend, but once she accepted she got stood up on the first date.

Meanwhile, on the second attempt at a date the mystery man said he was 'stuck in meetings' and on the third try he claimed that he'd got to the bar but not seen her there while his train had been 'stuck underground' when he went back to meet up with her.

Many people would have called it quits at that and Fenton decided to say the whole thing wasn't going to work out. After all, it's hard to start a relationship with someone who keeps standing you up.

However, she then heard from the man again over Christmas where he asked her for another chance. The pair subsequently planned a 'redemption dinner', only for him to fail to show up once again claiming he'd been caught in a car crash.

It was at about this time that Fenton put all the pieces together and realised it was her boss sending the messages all along, having used a burner phone and stolen some random guy's photos to complete the catfish deception.

Fenton also spotted that flowers sent to her house from the mystery man had exactly the same handwriting as her boss, so she did the smart thing and decided to go to HR to report it.

In an update video, Fenton said her boss has since been fired over the incident, and it turns out that she had apparently done the same thing to a female employee at a previous place of work.

Fenton speculated that her now former boss might be in the closet about her sexuality and taken a crush 'way too far'.

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Joe Harker
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