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'Crazy' video shows daily life without electricity and people realize how much worse it would be

'Crazy' video shows daily life without electricity and people realize how much worse it would be

A viral video on X has shown just how much of a ‘challenge’ life would be without electricity

A video has gone viral on X showing just what life would be like if electricity had never been invented, and spoiler alert - we’re much better off with it.

The video shows people in all different environments carrying out daily tasks, but instead of switching plugs on and off, they were replaced by old-fashioned steam engines. Check it out:

One clip shows a couple getting ready for the day with a shaver and a hairdryer, both powered by steam.

Another highlighted how the workings of an office would look, and it seems as though electricity is pretty crucial to our lives in the modern world.

Electrician Courses 4 U recently reported that 50% of the public said they would not be able to survive for more than 2 weeks without electricity.

One clip in the video saw a waiter firing up the card machine with smoke spewing out of the end of the device. Something tells us it would kind of ruin the ambience in a restaurant.

But one person in the comments argued that it might not be such a bad thing: “Life without electricity would definitely be a challenge!

“Life without electricity would definitely be a challenge!" (X/@historyinmemes)
“Life without electricity would definitely be a challenge!" (X/@historyinmemes)

“Just imagine not being able to charge your phone, turn on lights, or use your appliances.

“It would be like taking a step back in time. But hey, maybe it wouldn't be all bad.

“We might reconnect with simpler pleasures like reading by candlelight or spending more time outdoors.

“It's a reminder of how much we rely on technology and how important it is to appreciate the resources we have.

“So here's to finding balance and being grateful for the conveniences electricity brings to our lives!”

People debated whether it would improve human connection, but living without an oven and lights in 2024 doesn’t sound too appealing.

“No more late-night phone scrolling." (X/@historyinmemes)
“No more late-night phone scrolling." (X/@historyinmemes)

Another person said: “Living without electricity would be a total game-changer. No more late-night phone scrolling or binge-watching sessions!

“It could be a throwback to simpler times, embracing cozy candlelit nights and rediscovering the joy of unplugged interactions. Who knows, maybe it's the reset we didn't know we needed.”

We beg to differ, and others did too.

One said: “IT WOULD BE HARD," as a second said: “I can't imagine life without electricity.”

One person pointed out that the air would be rather humid with all that steam floating about, so maybe it’s best to keep things the way they are.

Featured Image Credit: @historyinmemes/X

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