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Everyone has been following the directions 'turn halfway through cooking' wrong as actual meaning is explained

Everyone has been following the directions 'turn halfway through cooking' wrong as actual meaning is explained

Prepare to never look at your oven fries the same way again.

A TikToker has made everyone realise they've been getting a cooking instruction wrong their whole life.

You've been craving fries all day, but it's a cost of living crisis so instead of popping out to buy some or ordering in, you rummage through your freezer drawer and pull out your abandoned bag of frozen fries lying limp at the bottom.

You rip open the pack, pour out some rectangles of potatoey goodness on a baking tray - plus a dribble extra for good measure and you pop them in the oven.

Off they go into the heating chamber to turn crisp yet fluffy and golden; you setting an alarm on your phone to remember to 'turn halfway through cooking' but the question is, have you been following this instruction the correct way?

Prepare to never look at your oven fries in the same way ever again:

TikToker Bea - who goes by @beahaving - took to the platform on 14 February to share a video of her checking on her oven fries midway through cooking.

Her video shows her taking her fries out of the oven, the food sat on a baking tray, and Bea using her fingers to turn over each fry one by one.

However, her caption reads: "This is the first time I considered that this isn't what the bag means by turn halfway through cooking."

But what do oven food's instructions mean when they say, 'turn halfway through cooking'?

How do you cook your chips?
Pexels/ Anna Shvets

Well, other TikTokers have flooded to Bea's post to weigh in on the issue.

One user who shares my technique said: "I always just shook the pan around??"

"I don't do anything it says on the bag i just put it in the oven really high and leave it until i sense it might be ready," another added.

A third commented: "I got an air fryer to avoid this. Just give it an unnecessarily aggressive shake."

And then a fourth finally realised the true meaning of the instructions: "Wait, are we supposed to turn the tray????????"

An example of some fries' instructions.

Despite one user very fairly pointing out, 'Ok but why would it say flip instead of 'rotate pan', the instructions indeed do mean you should rotate the pan/ tray your food is on opposed to the food itself.


Well, because certain parts of the oven may be hotter than others as heat sources located at the bottom in electric or gas ovens can mean uneven heat distribution. There's a reason your fries sometimes come out extra toasted on the far end of the tray but a bit anaemic-looking towards the front.

While the tip is useful for achieving the ultimate fries, users aren't happy about the realisation, with one saying: "I'm so mad rn are you serious how did I not realise."

Same TikToker, same.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@beahaving/Oscar Wong

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