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Elon Musk posts video that shows just how powerful Tesla Cybertruck is

Elon Musk posts video that shows just how powerful Tesla Cybertruck is

The Ford F-150 didn't stand a chance.

It turns out that Tesla's Cybertruck is an absolute beast that's not to be played with.

At least that's what you'd gather from Elon Musk's video of the futuristic vehicle in a tug-of-war against a Ford F-150:

The electric, stainless steel pickup was originally advertised to go on sale in 2021, but now Tesla isn't expecting to produce the Cybertruck in large amounts until next year.

So these little glimpses that Tesla's CEO shares with followers are all we have to keep us going until then.

In the video, posted on Musk's Twitter account, a Cybertruck is seen hooked up to its future competitor - the Ford F-150 - and then tugging the classic truck uphill with almost no resistance.

Some fans of Elon were super impressed by the experiment, taking to the comments to congratulate the Twitter boss.

"Beast truck, it should be called," raved one, while a second commented: "The more I see it, the better I think it looks."

Others were far less impressed, however, arguing that Elon's experiment was completely unfair.

"It's obvious they used a smaller truck without 4-wheel drive to put up against the 'Cyberclunker'," complained one viewer.

Will fans see the Cybertruck on the market next near?
Uber Bilder / Alamy Stock Photo

A second replied: "Not only that, the Tesla got a head start."

And a third challenged: "My Honda Fit could tow that truck in neutral on a flat street too."

That video was originally posted by Elon back in 2019, when the hype around Tesla's Cybertruck was huge.

Now, four years later - and two years after the vehicle was originally supposed to drop - Tesla fans are growing tired of waiting.

Fans who have grown impatient now have the option to buy an electric pickup truck from Tesla's competitors like Ford and Hyundai, who have caught up amid the company's delays.

The car, which is advertised as being 'better than a truck with more performance than a sports car has a retro yet futuristic look about it, complete with a stainless steel exterior and Tesla armor glass.

That stainless steel design will be a huge win for the environment, with no chemical coatings necessary - but some sceptics are concerns about the costs of building with such an expensive, in-demand material.

Elon has made a lot of promises about his Cybertruck.
Newscom / Alamy Stock Photo

Tesla claims the Cybertruck will have a payload capacity of 3,500 pounds and a towing capability of 14,000 pounds - complete with six seats and a touchscreen interface.

There's even a camper option that will allow your Cybertruck to convert into a mobile home of sorts, fitted with a toilet, bed, and kitchen.

Elon has also claimed that the car will be completely waterproof and can be used as a boat for short journeys.

Sounds like the dream car, right?

But with all these promises and still no Cybertrucks on the market, I wouldn't bat an eyelid if Elon said that this car could solve world hunger.

Featured Image Credit: AC NewsPhoto / Alamy Stock Photo / @elonmusk/Twitter

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