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What happens when you try to crush a Nokia 3310 with a hydraulic press

What happens when you try to crush a Nokia 3310 with a hydraulic press

The Nokia 3310 has become a meme over the years

If you're a fan of watching things being crushed by a hydraulic press, then you are in the right place.

In recent times, we've reached a point where it is not exactly the hardest to break the newest phones on the market.

There have been instances where the latest gadgets seem rather brittle, including the latest iPhone release.

On the other hand, the Nokia 3310 is notoriously known as solid phone and a pretty hard one to break.

The humble Nokia was the preferred model for tech fans across the globe after it was released in September 2000.

Compared to phones these days, it didn’t exactly do very much, but what it did do, it did very well indeed.

They were sturdy, too. While these days we’re forced to upgrade every five minutes due to dwindling battery power or cracked screens, the Nokia 3310 seemed invincible – so much so, that this is precisely what its legacy is on the internet.

The Nokia 3310 released in 2000.
SSPL/Getty Images

Memes continue to live on the internet to this very day, with many joking that it would be the 3310 that would break the floor when dropped instead of the other way round.

However, someone did find a way to break the phone, in a video that has resurfaced this week thanks to a Reddit post.

So how was the phone destroyed? By lobbing it across the car park? Stamping on it a few times? No, this guy needs the big guns.

A hydraulic press, to be precise. Check it out:

In a video uploaded to the 'BeAmazed' subreddit, the 3310 was ‘crushed with hydraulic press’, though that doesn't tell half the story.

Amazingly, the little guy held it together for a short while before eventually succumbing to the brute strength pressing down on it.

Mind you, many Redditors refused to believe what they had seen, with one writing: “Must be fake, no press would survive that.”

A second added: "You just have to drop an iPhone onto a sponge mattress from 32 inches in the air and the fkr will shatter like you threw a spark plug at a bus stop shelters window pane…"

The phone did break after all.
YouTube/Hydraulic Press Channel

While a third hilariously claimed: "I had this phone as a teenager and mine got run over by a double decker bus. Still worked fine with a minor scratch on the edge."

And finally, a fourth quipped: "I've always enjoyed the memes, but after seeing this? Goddamn. I'm genuinely impressed."

A phone that will surely never leave the history books.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/ u/Green____cat

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