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Man shares ‘anxiety inducing’ photo of Cybertruck parked in garage with everyone saying the same thing
Featured Image Credit: X/@pclark15

Man shares ‘anxiety inducing’ photo of Cybertruck parked in garage with everyone saying the same thing

Content creator Paul Clark has been applauded for his parking skills, even though the photo he's shared online is ‘anxiety inducing’.

Elon Musk and all of his companies are never far away from being hot topic of conversation are they?

Currently, Tesla's newest release of the Cybertruck is being discussed an awful lot online.

Just in the past month, we've seen a man sharing his rather pricey receipt for a Cybertruck, and people having a lot to say after the expensive vehicle had to be towed after getting stuck on small hill.

Now, everyone is saying the same thing after a man shared a photo of his Cybertruck parked in his garage.

No matter how good at parking you might think you are, you definitely haven't got anything on this one particular X user.

Not many people have actually got their hands on the new Cybertruck as of yet, though content creator Paul Clark is one of the lucky few to pick up the futuristic Tesla vehicle.

Clark is a bit of Tesla super fan as he also owns a white Tesla Model Y, causing many on social media to ask one very important question.

Do both of the vehicles fit into one double garage?

"I’d love to see a pic of those two in the garage together…. You think they would fit?" one X, formerly known as Twitter, user asked.

Well, you'd expect it to be near impossible, but a photo posted to X by Clark proves otherwise.

In the snap, the two Tesla's can be seen parked in one garage, but to say it is a tight squeeze is the understatement of the century.

"They do fit!" Clark exclaimed in the caption to the X post - but the tight squeeze is making people feel all kinds of ways.

Certainly a tight squeeze.

"There is no way in hell I’d ever attempt this. My anxiety has been triggered from this pic," one X user commented.

While another jokingly asked: "Did you have to climb out through the air vents?"

Others were just rather impressed by Clark's parking skills - something the majority of us wouldn't even attempt to complete.

"Ha, wow very tight squeeze and lucky no dents in Cybertruck," another person commented.

"Kinda squished, but yes, a fit!" a further impressed X user penned.

The impressive piece of parking is not the thing Clark is showcasing of his Cybertruck online, as he has showed off plenty of the car's new features.

This includes the Tesla's 'Defrost Truck' setting and the incredibly cute 'Dog Mode', which you can select if you're stepping away from the car and have your pup inside to reassure passersby the vehicle is nice and cool for your pooch.

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