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Man shares his Cybertruck order receipt and people stunned by how much he paid
Featured Image Credit: ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images / Reddit/UTECHPIA

Man shares his Cybertruck order receipt and people stunned by how much he paid

A man has shared on Reddit his receipt for Tesla's newest Cybertruck, and people have been left stunned by how much he paid.

A man has shared his Cybertruck order receipt and people have been left shocked over how much he actually paid.

The new vehicle from Tesla continues to make the headlines weeks after it was officially revealed.

The latest release has been touted by Elon Musk as safe, with the billionaire saying that if the car 'had an argument' with another vehicle then 'you will win'.

But experts on car safety have raised concerns about the potential danger that the Cybertruck could pose - not to the occupants, but to people outside the vehicle.

In particular, they expressed concerns about the material used in the body of the car, which Tesla describes as 'ultra-hard stainless-steel'.

Many modern cars have a safety feature called a 'crumple zone'. This means that a portion of the car is designed to collapse in the event of a crash.

This might sound counterintuitive, but in practice it means that the force of the impact is absorbed by the crumple zone, instead of the occupants.

But the Cybertruck does not appear to have this feature and given that it's a very large vehicle that can travel very fast, this means that if it hits another car, it's likely not stopping.

The Cybertruck receipt has shocked the internet.
FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

Safe or not, many people have purchased the Cybertruck - though driving around in it will certainly not be cheap.

"Finally the future will look like the future," Musk said as he announced the car.

But if you want to live in the future, then you'll certainly need the bank balance to accommodate it.

This is evident from one Reddit user who posted the receipt for his Cybertruck, and people can't get over how much they he paid for it.

Reddit user UTECHPIA paid a grand total of $122,135 for his Cybertruck - something he could have to wait years for until he is driving it around.

Some reports have suggested that Cybertruck orders may arrive as early as 2024, but less generous estimations are going up as high five years.

Nonetheless, the Reddit user is excited for his Cybertruck arrival, as he penned: "WILL IT ARRIVE in 2023? What do you guys think?

"I'm so excited, I got the email invite to put in my order on Fri, Dec 8, 7:30 PM PT, and placed my order within 5 minutes!"

The man is seemingly a massive Tesla fan, as he already owns a 2023 Tesla MYP - the super-fast SUV from Musk's company.

Many Reddit users flocked to the comments section of the post to express their shock at the price of the car.

"I didn’t think anyone was going to buy it with the massive price hikes and feature reductions. I guess I was wrong," one person wrote.

A second added: "Want one, but that price tag."

While a third joked: "I really want to do this, but then I would be cyberhomeless."

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