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Elon Musk responds after man builds fully functional Cybertruck out of wood for $15,000
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ND - Woodworking Art

Elon Musk responds after man builds fully functional Cybertruck out of wood for $15,000

The man managed to build a working Cybertruck using wood for the body instead of the steel used in the actual Cybertrucks

A man has caused a stir online after building a replica of a Cybertruck, but with a big twist.

While the Tesla Cybertruck itself has a body made out of steel, this one has an extremely different material.

It's not even metal in fact, or carbon fibre, but wood. Yes, someone built a working Cybertruck using wood.

The truck was built for YouTube channel ND-WoodArt, which sees the team building all manner of different vehicles out of wood.

These have included sports cars, motorbikes, and even a tank. Though a tank made of wood would probably not be much use in an actual battle, it does look amazing.

But it's the wooden Cybertruck which has caught the internet's attention after the channel posted an open letter to Elon Musk on X.

The tweet read: "I am a passionate content creator with a deep love for wooden vehicles and a tremendous admiration for both you and Tesla. Over the years, I've embarked on several wooden car projects to gain valuable experience.

The finished wooden CyberTruck.
YouTube / ND-WoodArt

"And today I launched a car that I am very impressed with, the Cybertruck. It is also the car that many of my audiences love and want me to build."

They added: "I am aware that Tesla has faced its share of challenges in bringing the Cybertruck to fruition. However, I maintain unwavering faith in your vision and the capabilities of Tesla. I am confident that this extraordinary vehicle will ultimately succeed."

Even the interior is made of wood.
YouTube / ND-WoodArt

Elon Musk himself even replied to the carefully written request asking for a repost, saying: "Sure, much appreciated".

Many fans took to social media to express their admiration for the work.

One wrote: "That result is bad-ass. This has to be one of the best looking Cybertruck to ever hit the roads and I'd love for it to be prominently featured at Tesla's HQ".

Another said: "Cant start to think about the insane amount of measurements that went into this project... This is sooo cool to watch and nothing short of superb."

A third wrote: "If you sold this thing as an entire puzzle, I would buy it. You guys make it look easy to build."

Others also praised the wooden Cybertruck, but were a little less flattering about the real version.

And they tended to say the same thing. One wrote: "Unironically better craftsmanship than the real thing."

Another said: "Looks better than the actual cyber truck."

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